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Sounds like Zepplin', Hendrix, 'Ol Dirty Bastard, Son House, Run DMC and Black Sabbath hotboxin' a van


“We thought we’d pay homage to an important era for black music,” says Slay Stalkaz, the band’s drummer and vocalist. “We got sick and tired of kids praising these new school artists, when really they should be checking for guys like Son House and Muddy Waters, the originators.” The band’s guitarist and co-vocalist, FitzDvyne, concurs readily with his long-time band mate. “People ought to realize that rap music, the blues, jazz, all of black music, should be deeply respected. I’m not seeing that kind of respect these days, so we’re working hard on changing that,”

For those who’ve come to admire and respect TrackDirtyaz for their solid commitment to the regeneration of back-to-basics hard rap music, The Son House EP will be a welcome extension of that commitment, broadened delightfully by the duo’s decision to introduce deft instrumentation and a new roster of band members. However, hackneyed comparisons need not be applied here. Thankfully, the new EP will not present the TrackDirtyaz as a transformed copy-cat rendition of The Roots or any other easy-to-digest rap band ensemble. TrackDirtyaz are more willing than ever to push the boundaries, to take the music where other bands simply won’t dare to go. In other words, the Dirtyaz still function in a very, very dirty place.

The Son House EP is exactly what one might expect from the Dirtyaz on the one hand, but it’s also what one might not expect on the other. In this, their third effort, the high quality of the production courtesy of Rob Sanzo (controller.controller, Bedouin Soundclash) and in-house producers, LordMayerZ, the razor-sharp lyricism and the pleasure of spontaneity is still present. The EP offers seven new tracks that have been carefully crafted in a cauldron of heated reverence for an era when musicians did what they did for love, not glory.

Listeners may find it hard to believe that so many styles of music are so successfully fused into a singular musical output on this new EP. “That’s exactly the point,” says NiteMayr. “Everything from Zeppelin to Portishead gets back to black music and the blues. So a guy like Son House becomes the starting point for us, not the end.” It’s hard not to believe him when he says this.

I can’t help but think of Eddie James House Jr., the late scion of the Delta blues. I’m certain that if he were alive he’d be proud of the TrackDirtyaz and their attempt to find a new medium through which to interpret black music. He’d most likely praise their long and hard-fought journey to push rap music back to its rightful and essential origin, back to its integral function in the minds and hearts of black music lovers.

TrackDirtyaz is FitzDvyne, Slay Stalkaz, LDP, NiteMayr and Mobster. Their EP, The Son House will be released July 18, 2006 on Addictive Records. Their follow-up LP, The Incarnate, will be released in early 2007.


And Then They Remembered (2002)
*singles include:
"Fallin' Out"

NNN (2004)
*singles include:

The Son House (2006)
*singles include:
"Flippin" (currently spinning on Edge 102.1)
"Shakra Bust" (see website for video)

Set List


Son House Intro
Chakra Bust
Paint the Sky Black
Blindman Bluez
Lookin at Me Bluez
Sponteneous Combustion
They Dont Know
Last Call

Set length typically 30-40 mins.