Tractor Operator

Tractor Operator


Jensen's songwriting maps a desolate, rural, working-class terrain that's full of strange images and druggy dreamscapes


Tractor Operator started out in 2005 when Eric and his sister Tara played a show under the name Tractor Operator. Shortly thereafter, Eric's two solo EP's were released as one full length on Smells Delicious Records. That album was listed among the top 5 local albums of that year by the Willamette Week's music editor, Mark Baumgarten. TracOp was also selected as one of the top ten new bands of 2005 by that same publication.
Since 2005, Tractor Operator has released a 7" vinyl EP as well as a 2nd full length, both on Jealous Butcher Records.
While Tractor Operator is usually just Jensen, playing solo acoustic covers of his original recordings, lately it has grown to include other musicians on stage. Dave Snider, James West and Brian Gardiner fill out the sound occasionally, each bringing their own translation and eclectic style to the fold.


Self Titled debut in 2005
Evil Will Hand You Boredom 7" on Jealous Butcher and Smells Delicious Records in 2006
Bleeding Hearts and Severed Legs on Jealous Butcher in 2007

Set List

Typical set list consists of 10-15 songs and usually lasts under 30 minutes