This free spirits conjures up soul in whatever music she is performing. She simply brings smiles to faces and and joy to hearts. Add seasoned musicians and try to sit back. Come, get lost in the music with her!


After winning 1st place in every category in a songwriting/singing competition held in Prague, Czech Republic, Tracy and a music partner, Mike, took a chance and headed to London to place their mark on the British music scene. They sold most of their things over the phone and set-up shop in London. While there, the team established a production company with an well known Bristish producer, recorded and placed several songs, performed as a duo and full band at various functions, and provided lessons in keys and vocals. The pair was known for walking into a spot with a piano and bringing the house down, giving a truly rhythmic, melodic, and hearfelt performance. "I understand what soul is now" one audience member commented after the show "'s when you can make 'somewhere over the rainbow' sound like that. You just get lost in the music, but it's a show for us!" The team then traveled to Amsterdam to pack even more venues with music lovers.
Influences come mainly from a time when music was less manufactured and more raw...Curtis Mayfield, The Police, Chaka Kahn, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and Pink Floyd come to mind first.
Tracy has fine-tuned her craft beautifully. She holds a voice and presence that will lift you up, not only spiritually, but up out of your seat. No need to try and classify, she is one in 6.3 billion and one with the music., and without love for the music.

Set List

A typical set list consist of a cover song as an opener. That may be a Stevie, Eagles or Chaka tune. This is followed by original songs and mid-song jamming! We usually throw another cover tune in there. We analyze the crowd before deciding on which song to sing, so it varies greatly.
Sets last 40-50 minutes.