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"CD Review- Uptown Magazine - Winnipeg's Online Source for Arts, Entertainment & News November 8, 2007"

Tracy Bone
No Lies
(Arbor Records)

Bone dabbles with sounds and styles on her full-length debut, flirting with rock, pop and folk throughout these 10 tunes. That said, country is where Bone should set her sights, especially with songs as good as Lonely With You and duets as heartfelt as No Lies, the tune she shares with life-partner JC Campbell. While the big sound of album closer The Game is what first brought Bone to attention on NCI, it rings as melodramatic when set against Lonely. The latter song captures the essence of love, regret and hope in three verses, a chorus and a bridge, all set to a jaunty, early Steve Earle vibe that brings the essence of Bone's talent into sharp, clear focus.
— John Kendle - Uptown Magazine - Winnipeg's Online Source for Arts, Entertainment & News November 8, 2007

"CD Review-Internet Chamber of Commerce"

Tracy Bone/No Lies CD Review
By: Jameson Mahto

My experience with country music has been cursory at best but I can tell the difference between, say a Loretta Lynn and an Emmy Lou. Or perhaps in the male gender the difference between a Hank Williams and a Conway Twitty.

Of course the strictest musicologists would argue that what we listen to and refer to as country today is actually rock and roll. So what are the defining characteristics? Well the rhythmic structure for one thing. There are no complicated syncopations in country music. By contrast you don’t find too many polkas and waltzes in rock music.

Sure I been there, man. I been to the 3.2 joint out in the middle of the prairie with the singular light bulb over the pool table where the guys grope their girls across the sawdust dance floor and time stands still for a moment and you know the only bliss for 100 miles around is a two step waltz in nirvana, the zen of 3.2 beer and country music brother and brother it’s got to swing because my whole life depends on this dance with this beautiful pair of brown eyes.

I get everything I need from a country artist in Tracy Bone’s debut release CD titled “No Lies” whose loyal fans lovingly refer to as “T-Bone”. How cool is that?

Tracy is the mother of five children and fianc? to J.C. Campbell (Who also has his own CD out titled J.C. Campbell/Lazy James on Strongfront Records) who also collaborates with Ms. Bone on the vocal of the title work, “No Lies”. Sung with passion and wonderful complimentary harmonies the song speaks to honesty in our relationships.

In order to compete in the female country vocal field you need to sing with passion, discipline, enunciation, control and breath. To have the breath right. To move comfortably between controlled singing to twanging falsetto is key to your success as a female country singer. Tracy has all of this and is particularly lyrically strong. She is mature at all levels.

Her vocal performances are clean across the board on the CD but some of the highlights that I find memorable include Lonely With You a country rock ballad sung like a mature country female vocalist. This is beautiful work. I love this song. This song is lyrically strong and is from the old school of country rock.

Soldier Of Love is a little R N’ B country-style. It starts R N’ B but moves on into up-tempo country rock. Tracy is a soulful vocalist with excellent control and discipline. Her work shows at the microphone. Her enunciation is excellent and I have no trouble understanding her lyrics.

The song Sweetest Surprise is a wonderful vocal treatment of a good lyric. The band swings it with precision and lets Tracy carry the song. This song is a very strong song in a lot of respects. It has a cool guitar solo. The topic of the song is the elevating power of a renewed faith in love. Finding a love that heals grief and broken hearts. Tracy sings, “I almost lost my soul to the blues, Your love renewed my faith in forever.”

No Lies is the collaborative work with her finace, J.C. Campbell. I like it. It’s about honesty in relationships. It takes a mature country artist to sing a love song about relationships with their significant other in front of an audience.

Tracy has a musical resume’ as long as her arm because she’s been busy plying her craft for a number of years but a couple of her latest musical accomplishments include “Single of the Year for Games” on NCI-FM and Five/Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards nominations and winning for “Best CD Cover Design”.

Why, if you can get past the award winning cover you might find that she should have won for the music that’s on that CD.

I know that when I get down in the dumps with my self-pity cranked up all the way, all I’ve got to do is give No Lies a listen. If I listen real close, I’ll realize that if the Indian mother of five singing that song so beautifully can take a stand and live her dream then why can’t I just go on and do the same? Sure. It’s easy.

- Indigenous Internet Chamber of Commerce


*Debut Album "No Lies"
(distributed by Arbor Records/EMI Canada)
*EMI Release date: January '08




2009 Juno Award Nominee - Aboriginal Album Of The Year

2009 North American Indigenous Image Awards Recipient - Best Country CD

2008 Western Canadian Music Award Recipient - Outstanding Aboriginal Recording

2008 Native American Music Award Recipient - Best Country CD

2008 Indian Summer Music Award Recipient - Best Country Recording

2007 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award Recipient - Best Female Artist

2007 Aboriginal People's Choice Music Award Recipient - Best Album Cover Design


Canadian singer / songwriter Tracy Bone's vocal debut was on December 22, 1975 at 10:42 pm. at the Women's Pavilion in Winnipeg,

Bone recalls her Grandmother's voices as emotional and raw, influencing. As true as a country song.

Lived and learned in the big city and on the Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation. "The reservation was a playground of creeks, abandoned cars, secret hiding forts, leeches, and wood ticks. You only went home to eat and at sundown. As a little girl, it had a magical feeling."

At a school presentation, a Native performer had made a big impact. Tracy explains, “It was rare to see a brown skinned-man singing in the school. From that point, I believed I could do it too.”

Entered first talent show at nineteen. Spent the following nine years trying the art, absorbing the experience and growth throughout her home province of Manitoba. A talent show win earned her a produced song at Studio 441/Arbor (formerly Studio 11). This led to recording eight self-penned and two collaborative works with singer/songwriter, J.C. Campbell for debut CD No Lies.

Other collaborative works since then include three songs with Curb Records’ former songwriter Gilles Godard – currently Chief Creative Officer of Ole' Publishing, who co-wrote hit tunes for Patti Loveless (That’s The Kind Of Mood I’m In) and Terri Clark (I Wanna Do It All).

Tracy has been blessed with many exciting and satisfying career highlights so far, including opening for the likes of Prairie Oyster, Crystal Shawanda, Shane Yellowbird and George Canyon. She performed on APTN’s live concert broadcast nationally on National Aboriginal Day in 2008. Tracy performed at the post-awards reception of the 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards after her win for Aboriginal Recording of the Year. Her song “Your Own” was placed in an episode of APTN’s Mixed Blessings, and her performances have been featured in two APTN music series, The Mix and Arbor Live. Participated in songwriting workshop with the legendary Buffy St. Marie and the soulful Pura Fe'. CBC Radio has twice featured Tracy on live radio broadcasts, Red Road Music and Future Sound Of Native Canada. She received "Women of Note" recognition in Winnipeg Women Magazine. An inspiring and engaging speaker, Tracy is often invited to present workshops at youth events and for schools.

She cares about the youth as they are the future. She supports the youth by presenting
workshops, often with her partner J. C. Campbell. “We talk about self-esteem, positive relationships, music business, song writing and performing”, Bone explains. “My goal is to start an arts program in my community and host fundraisers for a recreation center for the youth. I’d like for them to help build it with their own hands, so they can be proud of their work and contributions for the next generation.

Tracy is grateful for the support that exists today for Aboriginal artists. Because of the supports, programs and increasing opportunities, musicians from all walks of life can follow the roads that lead to their dreams – despite the obstacles.

Musical accomplishments include:

* 2009 Juno Awards – Nominee – Aboriginal Album of the Year
* 2009 North American Indigenous Image Awards – Winner – Best Country CD
* 2008 Western Canadian Music Awards – Winner – Outstanding Aboriginal Recording
* 2008 Native American Music Awards – Winner – Best Country CD
* 2008 Native American Music Awards – Nominee – Best Female Artist
* 2008 Indian Summer Music Awards – Winner – Best Country Recording
* 2008 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards – Nominee – Best Country CD; Best Producer/Engineer
* 2007 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards – Winner – Best Female Artist
* 2007 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards – Nominee – Best Country CD; Best Songwriter; Single of the Year
* 2007 Indian Summer Music Awards – Nominee – Best Pop Recording
* 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards – Winner – Best Album Cover Design
* 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards – Nominee – Best Songwriter; Single of the Year; Best Country CD; Best Album Cover Design; Best New Artist
More highlights:

* 2009 Profile / Featured artist - Native People's Magazine (U.S.)

* 2009 Women of the Four Winds Tour - U.S. tour

* 2009 Sky City Casino headliner - Acoma, N