Tracy Gerlach's Broken Luck

Tracy Gerlach's Broken Luck


Tracy Gerlach's Broken Luck is a Pop/Rock band with a female lead, distinct harmonies; catchy melodies; and a unique sound that will have you singing along for days. Taking the more accessible elements of metal and combining them with killer hooks.


If you think the term “girl group” means overproduced, synthesized noise, you need to hear the Canadian pop rock band "Tracy Gerlach's Broken Luck.” The songwriting trio of Tracy Gerlach, Cheryl Gerlach and Jana Jedlic, all in their early 20s, have created a sophisticated, versatile sound that transcends the commonplace in a big way. Several overseas stints, a shared intellectual vision and just plain creative talent give their music a decidedly inventive sound.

Formed in 2000, the band began as the songwriting trio, and eventually went on to ensemble performance, where Tracy took on the role of band leader. The band has had airplay in Canada and Norway. Their distinctive, international sound and extensive repertoire is testament to years of performance and hard work. Fall, 2005 has seen the launch of their first full-length CD.

Lead vocalist and band leader Tracy Gerlach, 22, brings to the group the kind of discipline and professionalism found in session musicians twice her age, thanks to a lifetime of formal training and a restless determination to improve.

What she also brings to the table is talent, abundant talent, monster talent. Pick your adjective; it won’t say enough. She plays five instruments, writes, produces, engineers and is quite simply a knockout stage presence. And then there’s The Voice. Its pristine clarity drifts, draws you in, evokes a tonal simplicity: then, it spins on a dime and becomes wrenching, complicated, passion incarnate. Like the music as a whole, the versatility is a hallmark.

Tracy holds an honors music degree from the prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, an internationally-renowned music academy founded by Sir Paul McCartney. She was the first Canadian woman accepted into this demanding program and, being one of the most promising students, was given the privilege of meeting with Sir Paul for a two on one songwriting seminar.

It is clear, that the future holds nothing but bright stars for Tracy Gerlach's Broken Luck.


Loney Roads

Written By: Tracy Gerlach

Verse 1
I remember, you told me everything was fine
And I remember, you said it wouldn't matter
And I remember, the first time you started to deny
And I remember, you couldn't look me in the eye

You're walking on...

Lonely roads, that I can't follow
I cannot be there for you on
Lonely roads, that I can't follow
I cannot be there for you

Verse 2
The memory's fading, the times are few and far between
The dusts invading, breed what I never hoped to see
The night is calling you, and you are drawn away from me
The darkness bating you, you follow, tread uncarefully...

You're walking on


The time keeps passing by
And though I can't deny
I try and try
But I can't win

Its all a grand design
Its like a bitter wine
I can't be there
But I swear I won't let go


Verse 3
The night is over now, but you have fallen to the floor
You're feeling older now, than you ever have before
And after all the tears, you'll finally cry out for my hand
But I feel older now, than you could ever understand


And I Swear

Written By: Tracy Gerlach

And I swear

Verse 1
Hold me, hold me to the sun
You are the one, I long to reach out to
Keep me, keep me in your heart
When we're apart, I long to reach out to

Pre Chorus
Finding all the pieces of my heart...

And I swear, I will be there, I long to be
And I swear, I will be there, I'll always be
If forever never comes I'll still be standing by your side
And I swear

Verse 2
Touch me, touch me steal my breath
And feel the flash of fire, desire
Want me, want me where you are
And hear my words through actions, through passion

Pre Chorus


Show me where you wanna go, and I will take you there
And both of us will feel allright
Touch me in the mornings and feel me in the evenings
And make love to me all through the night
I'll show you where I wanna go, and you can take me there
And both of us will feel allright
I'll touch you in the mornings, and feel you in the evenings
And make love to you


Never Fall In Love

Written By: Tracy Gerlach

Verse 1
You probably don't want me to start
You probably don't even wanna listen
You're probably gonna throw it away
Hear me now but not forever

You're lucky that I gave you a chance
You're lucky that you grabbed my attention
Unlucky that I even believed that you were ever gonna try
So high were my expectations

Pre Chorus
I've wasted all my time
And now I have to draw the line
I will never let you define my eternity

I'm still trapped, I'm still hurting
I'm still cold
I'm still mad, and I'm learning
Never give myself
And never fall in love

Verse 2
I'm sorry you got into my life
I'm sorry that I wasn't more careful
I'm sorry that I let you inside
It was my fault then, but its still over

I'm leaving you I'm sick of your lies
I'm leaving you I'm going wherever
I'm leaving you tomorrow forever and you're never gonna get another chance
Its now or never

Pre Chorus


They ask you questions you don't know
They take you places you don't wanna go
And still we've never had enough
We're doomed to always fall in love

Chorus X3

I'm still trapped, I'm still hurting, I'm still cold

Set List

Typically an hour long set, mostly original songs.
1. Never Fall in Love
2. Losing
3. Give it to me Good
4. And I swear
5. Bitch
6. Lonely Roads
7. Leave Me Bleeding
8. Metrosexual
9. Boyfriend Vs. Best Friend
10. Save Me