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Tracy Gerlach's Broken Luck

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The best kept secret in music


"Words of Wisdom: Sir Paul McCartney tunes in local musician"

Friday, June 10, 2005

CREDIT: Don Healy, The Leader-Post
Tracy Gerlach, 21, from Regina is home after attending the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, where she met former Beatle Paul McCartney.

Meeting Sir Paul McCartney earlier this month was like a dream come true for Regina's Tracy Gerlach, 21, who attended the celebrity's Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) in the United Kingdom.

"It was kind of surreal, right, because he's such a big star, but I managed to keep my cool, and it was really educational," said Gerlach, who added laughing, "he gave me a lot of really good ideas about song writing because he knows a thing or two about that."

LIPA opened in 1995, in the same building in which McCartney -- former member of the band the Beatles -- attended the Liverpool School for Boys in 1953. By opening the performing arts school, McCartney rehabilitated a deteriorating building he knew in his childhood.

For three years, Gerlach has been attending the celebrity's school. By standing out among the other students, Gerlach was given the rare opportunity to meet him.

"At the end of the third year, they usually pick a couple of students to have a seminar with Paul McCartney, and I was picked as one of those students," she said.

Gerlach was on her way to meeting the music legend at 12 years old. She started by taking voice lessons and learning to play piano and guitar. She then moved on to writing her own "cheesy songs about friendship."

Getting accepted to LIPA after dedicating so much of her time to music, she said, "was definitely a huge accomplishment. I think I screamed when I found out."

Now, Gerlach is working for Talking Dog Post & Sound Studios in Regina.

"I'm picking up some tricks of the trade in audio engineering and doing a little bit of composition as well," she said.

The young musician will graduate from LIPA July 29. As a final project, she must hold a public performance, which she has decided to do in her hometown.

"My band is here," said Gerlach, who also said, "I wanted to show the school what I've been working on outside of it."

The band, Broken Luck, was formed in 2000 as a partnership between Gerlach, who sings and plays bass guitar, and her sister Cheryl, who sings and plays the keyboard. The rest of the band consists of Eric Stone on drums, Will Maeder on guitar, and David Kenney on guitar.

Gerlach said she is excited about graduation and her final academic performance, because rehearsals have been going well. "We've got a good chemistry going."

And the band, said Gerlach, already has one fan in Liverpool -- her teacher.

"Broken Luck takes the more accessible elements of metal and combines them with killer hooks to form great melodic pop rock music," said Gerlach repeating what her LIPA lecturer Mark Pearman, who once formed the band Sisters of Mercy, said.

People who would like to check out the music of Broken Luck and Gerlach's final academic performance can go to Campbell Collegiate Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. for a free concert.

© The Leader-Post (Regina) 2005

- Donna-Rae Munroe , Leader-Post


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


If you think the term “girl group” means overproduced, synthesized noise, you need to hear the Canadian pop rock band "Tracy Gerlach's Broken Luck.” The songwriting trio of Tracy Gerlach, Cheryl Gerlach and Jana Jedlic, all in their early 20s, have created a sophisticated, versatile sound that transcends the commonplace in a big way. Several overseas stints, a shared intellectual vision and just plain creative talent give their music a decidedly inventive sound.

Formed in 2000, the band began as the songwriting trio, and eventually went on to ensemble performance, where Tracy took on the role of band leader. The band has had airplay in Canada and Norway. Their distinctive, international sound and extensive repertoire is testament to years of performance and hard work. Fall, 2005 has seen the launch of their first full-length CD.

Lead vocalist and band leader Tracy Gerlach, 22, brings to the group the kind of discipline and professionalism found in session musicians twice her age, thanks to a lifetime of formal training and a restless determination to improve.

What she also brings to the table is talent, abundant talent, monster talent. Pick your adjective; it won’t say enough. She plays five instruments, writes, produces, engineers and is quite simply a knockout stage presence. And then there’s The Voice. Its pristine clarity drifts, draws you in, evokes a tonal simplicity: then, it spins on a dime and becomes wrenching, complicated, passion incarnate. Like the music as a whole, the versatility is a hallmark.

Tracy holds an honors music degree from the prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, an internationally-renowned music academy founded by Sir Paul McCartney. She was the first Canadian woman accepted into this demanding program and, being one of the most promising students, was given the privilege of meeting with Sir Paul for a two on one songwriting seminar.

It is clear, that the future holds nothing but bright stars for Tracy Gerlach's Broken Luck.