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Tracy Gibbons

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Americana Singer/Songwriter


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"Review: Tracy Aspden Gibbons, Made Red"

Uplifting harmonies are one of the first things that strike you on this CD -- and they are very well done indeed. As a matter of fact, I would have liked to have heard more.

I liked track six, "This Is My Heart," which has a sassy, funky sound that departs from and matures in a direction a bit different from some of the other tracks on this album. The words sear and sting:

I won't let you blow right through me
Do you find it hard to believe?
Do you find it hard to accept?
What I felt was never need ...

Gibbons is at her best when she doesn't try to be safe. Some of the songwriting tries to stick to rhyme, but when she just lets go and gives in to feeling, it works much better. I liked the dissonance that sneaks into some of her songs -- just a touch of it, not so much as to make it experimental.

It will be interesting to see what develops here. Although the lack of a particular sound on the album is a little confusing at times, it also could be a harbinger of things to come. As she refines her music, she is developing her own stamp, and as long as she trusts herself to let go, she should have no trouble blossoming. The talent and all the other elements are there.

"Music Review: Tracy Aspden Gibbons "Made Red""

I never know whether to describe a CD like this as country-tinged rock or rock-tinged country. Whichever you prefer, you should enjoy Gibbons’ work. It’s polished, passionate and suspiciously consistent for a debut CD.

Gibbons “Made Red” carries on the tradition of story-telling musicians, with lyrics that flow easily with the instruments, self-assured vocals, with most songs creating deeply meditative moods. These aren’t necessarily foot-stomping songs, but ones that you could easily dissolve into and find yourself singing along.

The lyrics are brilliant. Gibbons seems to easily wrap complicated emotions and descriptive narratives into a single verse. Very mature writing and performance. My favorite tune, “Take Refuge In Me,” is lyrical dynamite, but is a bit shaky musically. The only song I don’t care for, “Intellectualust,” feels disjointed and somewhat out of place on this very smooth collection - but again, the lyrics are compelling. Maybe I just need another listen or two to see how this song fits in with the rest.

I look forward to Gibbons’ next CD. If she can create music this professional and universal in the atmosphere of her hometown of Salt Lake City, I can’t wait to see what influence her new home - New York City - has on her music.

Find Tracy’s CD on her Web site or on CD Baby at (samples available). I recommend it. - Beverly Durfee, The Daily Sentinal, Grand Junction CO.

"Tracy Gibbons "Made Red""

The world may have been traveled heavily by singer/songwriter Tracy Gibbons, but the lyrics she has produced for her album, “Made Red” is anything but a typical folk singer on a journey. The songs are like fire and ice. Smoking hot melody versus a smooth, calming sound stretched across lyrics so personal you would swear your best friend was singing to you. This is the kind of album you want to pick you up or keep you going by your soon to be favorite Indie artist! -


Made Red ©2003
Drift ©2009



Utah born, Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Tracy Gibbons has an urban folk styling that she describes as 'ambient Americana'. With an ethereal voice, she renders stories that are rich, soulful, and occasionally dark. Her debut release 'Made Red'(2003) earned her praise for the strength of her lyrics, the uncommon purity and sincerity of her vocal delivery, and a beautifully lush sound. All of these elements are brought to bear on her refined sophomore release 'Drift'(2009) which contains 10 original tracks (along with three well chosen cover songs) and shows her increasingly coming into her own, particularly as a songwriter.