Tracy Greek

Tracy Greek


An acoustic-driven sound that is upbeat and catchy, but at the same time thoughtful and accessible. Singer/songwriter Tracy Greek creates a sound that is hard to classify but easy to listen to.


Tracy Greek is an aspiring singer/songwriter from Austin, TX. His acoustic-driven sound has grown out of a number of early influences such as, the Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M. and The Gin Blossoms. He has recently been influenced by artists such as Jeremy Camp, Leeland, Jeff Deyo and Warren Barfield. Tracy began playing guitar at 16, and shortly thereafter, penned his first song. His desire has always been more to communicate a message than to entertain. The aim of his music is to help others relate to the struggles, trials and successes of living out a life of following Christ. “If I can write a song that makes just one person say ‘That really spoke to me’ or ‘I understand where you’re coming from’ then I know I’m doing what I was created to do.”

In 2004, Tracy and a friend recorded their first CD, a joint effort called “You Are Lord.” This set the foundation for his current solo effort titled “The Beautiful Escape”. Learning the ropes of recording and mixing through his first project allowed him to focus on the art of songwriting and making an album. Most recently, he placed 2nd in the Gospel category of the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest, a renowned national songwriting competition, for the second year in a row with his song “Captivate My Heart” (2 years ago he placed with his song “Compass”). While accolades are nice, this isn’t his driving force. “It’s great to get recognition for a song, but ultimately, I’m not playing for awards.” Tracy has recently learned to play piano after “You Are Lord” which has opened up another avenue for his songwriting. “Playing both guitar and piano helps me when I get stumped on a song, as well as provides me a completely different texture or sound depending on what I’m trying to say.”


Beautiful Escape

Written By: Tracy Greek

You called me here 10,000 years ago
And I know You’re near
Because You won’t let me remain the same
You see my fear, the snare that binds me tight, so tight
But You cut those lines
And through brokenness I’ve laid down my pride

And as You lift me up, I can finally breathe again
Finally breathe again

So let’s ride to the edge
I’m ready to believe in the dreams You have for me
So let’s die that we may live
Then tonight will fade away into this beautiful escape

Now the rain begins, as yet another storm invades my life
Still I know it’s fine
Your peace removes the doubts I hide inside

Now there’s no turning back
Because I’ve already come this far
Already come this far


Written By: Tracy Greek

Which way do I go now? Can you tell me where to turn?
All these questions haunting me, but I don’t know
When to run and when to stay, how to love and when to pray,
You are guiding me
So stretch Your hands and mold my life, remove the darkness for Your light

Because you are my compass, lead me through the night
You are my savior, the star that’s shining bright
And all the roads that I may take, I’ll always find my way
You are guiding me

Took some time for me to see, but You never turned away
And while this world is pulling me, I won’t go, no I won’t go
I’ll take up the cross and walk in You, seek Your will and live for truth
You have captured me
So take my heart and make it pure, give me a passion for Your word

Deep within I know You’re there, I can feel You moving me
And all my doubt about my path, they start to fade
I’ll claim the blood, I’ll trust Your plan
Give my all and be the man that I’m called to be
So grab a hold and don’t let go, now I see, now I know

Captivate My Heart

Written By: Tracy Greek

Take my breath away, give me words to say
How beautiful You are
Help me understand, all the love You have
You died for me
Captivate my heart
Draw me close, don’t let me fall

All the stars, all the seas
All creation groans and falls on it’s knees
All the times, I’ve let go
That’s when I feel you moving, Lord that’s when I know
You are here

Put Your words inside, on my heart and mind
Reveal Your truths to me
Search me once again, be my life within
I cannot hide
Captivate my heart
Draw me close, don’t let me fall


You Are Lord (2005)
Beautiful Escape (2007)

Set List

Captivate My Heart
Narrow Road
Beautiful Escape
He Knows
King of Kings
Wait On Me
Dusty Road
Unfit and Unclean

Covers by following bands:
Counting Crows
Pearl Jam
The Nixons
Dave Matthews Band
Matthew West
Warren Barfield
Caedmon's Call
Jeremy Camp

Cover styles: Christian rock, Alternative Rock