Tracy Kash Thomas

Tracy Kash Thomas

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

If Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, and Dianne Reeves had a love child, were that biologically possible among so many people, this would be Tracy Kash Thomas. This Detroit Music Award-winner is that versatile as are all the very talented members of her band. Like having several bands rolled into one!


Thomas's music represents the variety of genres in which she has shown she can comfortably and brilliantly immerse herself, including swing, Latin jazz, R&B, and roots rock. Thomas began her musical life as a classical musician. Armed with a Bachelor's degree from University of North Texas, a veritable jazz factory producing musicians such as Lou Marini and Stefan Karlsson - and a Master's degree from the venerable Boston Conservatory, Tracy is an accomplished flutist. Add her impeccable songwriting, arranging and production talents to the mix and it is easy to see why she is an established musician's musician in her native Detroit, where she currently lives, as well as in her previous hometown, New York City. Her unique brand of jazz-influenced rock/pop, thrills live audiences as well as her growing radio following.

Tracy won the 2009 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Jazz Vocalist and has been nominated for numerous others including Outstanding Jazz Composer, R&B Composer, R&B Artist, Modern Jazz Band, and in 2007 for Best Jazz Album for her release, There and Back Again.

She has performed with a variety of stellar talent including Ian Anderson, of Jethro Tull fame, Tom Prasada-Rao, Jo Serrapere, and Roberta Flack to name a few. Her 2010 release "Sound Truth" made the Metrotimes's "Top 10 of 2010" list, as indicated by author Brett Callwood and was also nominated for a 2011 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding R&B Recording.

Her song entitled "Home" can be heard on the CD ROM, which accompanies The Complete Idiot's Guide to MP3. Tracy can be heard on the 1999 release of gravelly popular NYC great, Alan Andrews, entitled Cleaned and Pressed.



Make Me Blue

Written By: Tracy Kash Thomas

Lyrics only come when I’m blue.
Words all seem to disappear when I think of you.
Sadness always seems to write the sweetest strains.
Tears bring on the heart’s refrain.

Songs are born of your goodbye kiss.
There’s a lot to write about with a love to miss.
Every time I see you walking out the door, all the more,
the songs start flowing.

Oh why can’t I make you see what happiness has done to me.
And I’m a mess when all is well.

So be as careless as you like and run my heart through with a pike.

If that’s what you’ll do, dear, the songs will come through, dear.

Come on bring me down, make me blue.
You’ll inspire a mellow tune, ‘cause you won’t be true.

All along it’s just the songs that always see me through.
So come on, bring me down, make me blue.

Hold My Hand, Zoey

Written By: Tracy Kash Thomas

She comes from so far away, but so close to my heart.
I saw her first on a brilliant fall day.
That was when I knew that no distance could keep us apart.

Hold my hand, Zoey.
Hold my hand.

I hold her in my arms and in my soul.
I hope she holds me, back.
And when she’s old enough, she’ll learn to rock and roll.
Once we get started, there’ll be no holding back.

So lonely, I was. Not anymore – not like before.
That’s only because you’re the prize I’ve one.
Now my life’s begun.

You’re finally here by my side.
I dreamed this day would come.
And who’s to say what fortunes lie ahead.
I can surely tell you that you’re really in for a ride

Hold my hand, Zoey.
Hold my hand.


Written By: Tracy Kash Thomas

No more walking in the dark; open up your eyes so you can see where you are.
Where you’re going and where you’ve been.
For that’s the only way we truly can begin.

Take a look outside yourself; your troubles ain’t so bad so just put ‘em on a shelf.
There’s always someone got it so much worse.
With no food on the table and nothin’ in the purse.

You’ve got to break down those walls. You’ve got to break them down, just break ‘em down.
Break down those walls. You’ve got to break them down.
You got to break down those walls. You’ve got to break them down, just break ‘em down.
Break down those walls for one and all.

We live like we’re all alone. Lost little children wandered so far from home.
But that’s not how it should be. I’ll take the load off you if sometimes you’re there for me.

You don’t need to move the stars. Small acts of kindness always really raise the bar.
We’ve got to fight this big bad disconnect.
A thousand mile journey starts with a single step.

We gotta help each other hope.
We gotta help each other cope.
It’s not always easy – no it ain’t always dope.

I wish you could see that if you hang in there with me.
We can work it out together, ‘cause there ain’t no “I” in “We”.

You’ve got to break down those walls. You’ve got to break them down, just break ‘em down.
Break down those walls. You’ve got to break them down no matter who’s around.
You got to break down those walls. You’ve got to break them down, just break ‘em down.
Break down those walls for one and all.

Mona Lisa

Written By: Tracy Kash Thomas

So many theories about you. So many theories it’ll make your head spin.
Everyone whispered and speculated like ladies with bad hats at a garden party.

But they don’t know what’s true. Or know you like I think I do.
They don’t have a clue.

Heidelberg had all the answers. Those so-called experts thought they had you wrapped up.
But they know very little – not anything.
Like how he heavily gazed at you until you asked him to stop.

‘Couldn’t have been better if somebody planned it.
The sweet silence between them that sat solid like granite.
Such quiet longing – they could both hardly stand it.

She could make him forget, forget who he was and all the pain for a while.
The girl who came to see him with the shy, shy smile.
He’d never regret how he was moved for that precious while.
By the girl who came to see him with the shy, shy smile.

Those gifted scholars – they know nothing of the sweet sounds of the clicking of the brushes together.
Or they waves that erupted when they finally met the canvas.

No, those things don’t make it in the history books.
They’re just notes in the margins in those priceless archives.
It’s just a secret story.
The stuff of legends that enriches our lives.
Who knows what’s really true.
It’s only know between those two.
We’ll leave at that. I think that will do.



Some Strong Potion - Released 2000
There and Back Again - Released 2006
Sound Truth - to be released April 2010

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