Tracy Lynne

Tracy Lynne


My music is pop meets a little country. Its fun, upbeat and energetic. I co-write all of my music and I love the writing process. Im working on my first album right now and it should be out in the next couple months!!! I cant wait to share it with you!!!!


I moved from California to New York at seventeen and attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy with a focus on musical theater. My training in musical theater has encouraged me to use music and performance to tell a story. I love the whole process. My influences range from Frank Sinatra to Phil Vassar. I think what sets me apart is my personality and open mind. I love learning from other artists, watching them and sucking up advice. For a full bio you can check out my website at


All Ive Ever Needed

Written By: Tracy Lynne and John Degrazio

Some how youve made my body
slave to the love I feel inside
crushing the walls that hold me
after all this time
lost in a silent battle
feeling your heart beat into mine
letting your eyes gaze through me
after all this time and
life goes on
but ill hold on to this moment
and be strong if you decide it has to end
one love like this is all ive ever needed
on touch one kiss to make me feel completed
feeling myself fall faster
are you falling by my side, trapped in the calm of knowing theres nothing left to hide
I know that loves a game that you cant always win
i know but ill keep fighting to the very end

Set List

My set is ever changing sometimes only my original music other times Ill throw in covers. I have to know the crowd and what's going to get them excited!!!