Tracy Nicole

Tracy Nicole


Tracy Nicole is a singer/songwriter/guitarist with her own unique mix of pop/soul/hip-hop and folk that can only be described as genuine Tracy Nicole. Tracy Nicole's song "INSIDE MY WORLD" was recently awarded in the GREAT AMERICAN SONGWRITING COMPETITION & THE BILLBOARD SONGWRITING COMPETITION!!


Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Tracy Nicole credits her family for her diverse musical influences. “My brother was an R&B DJ and producer, my father played jazz standards on the piano, my sister is a gospel singer and my mother introduced me to classic musicals. I gravitated towards artists such as Bjork, Kate Bush, Joan Armatrading and The Police, but have always been intrigued by the endless possibilities of all genres of music”

With her appetite for the eclectic and family influence, Tracy Nicole headed off to the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music where she briefly studied Music Theater and Jazz Vocal performance before NYC was soon calling. While in NY she performed on Broadway in several shows such as The Lion King and Caroline or Change. “After I left the stage I would head downtown to sing with bands ranging from punk to R&B. I never wanted to be boxed into one scene.” Performing on Broadway at night and in the East Village after hours, she took her experiences, picked up a guitar and began songwriting. “There was always something to write about living in NYC. Walking down the street is where I formed most of my ideas and I met some great collaborators including Tony Aliperti, Gary Haase, Wendell Hanes and Preacher boy who helped me shape them.”

Armed with a collection of songs, a desire for sunshine and adventure, Tracy Nicole recently relocated to Los Angeles where she just finished recording a solo EP and has already played LA mainstays, The Temple Bar & Genghis Cohen. While realizing her dream of becoming a solo artist, she also recently scored two short films by up and coming film director Kena Tangi Dorsey and tours with artists Vanessa Williams and Heather Headley. Her song “Inside my world” was voted one of the top five in The Great American Songwriting Contest as well as an honorable mention in the Billboard Songwriting contest.

Tracy Nicole is coming full circle in realizing the influences her diverse upbringing and musical inspirations have had on her own unique sound. As she writes, produces and sings her own music, she is taking control of her artistic freedom & self-expression. With a truly unique blend of soul, folk and pop, this sound sensation delivers one enchanting soul-satisfying song after another. One can only define this music as genuine "Tracy Nicole."



Written By: Tracy Nicole Chapman, Wendell Hanes

Listen to the sound of his drum going down the street now
Well he play so long and hard his hands are numb
In a one man band with his foot jus keepin the beat now
He don't worry cuz he knows his day will come
he goes
Ba De DA... etc.
Well her mamma always said that her voice sound jus like Ella
She bein singin on that stage since she was five
Till the day came with a life change that nearly kill her
And now she has to sing to stay alive
she goes
Well these people used to say that life is what you make it
It seems like lately life's been makin me
When the blow comes round to hit me I'm gone take it
Whatever comes to be will be, whatever comes to be will be
Whatever comes to be will be
I go

Inside my world

Written By: Tracy Nicole Chapman. Gary Haase

I'm walkin down the city street
Seems like everyone I meet is runnin some crazy race
I'm not gonna worry though today I got to take it slow and feel the sunshine on my face
Sometimes when you look around these people try and bring you down
make you feel like them
I'm not gonna worry though today I got to let it go and keep it beautiful within
Cuz it's one of those days when all you know longs as the sun comes up your good to go
Nothin can disrupt the flow inside my world
So before you start trippin don't even try cuz nothins gonna mess up this here vibe
I think you better take a ride and come inside my world
Bumped this man I didn't see
Before I get out I'm sorry
He starts actin like a fool
There's nothin more that I can say
So I turn and walk away Keep movin on with what I got to do

bring a little sunshine

Written By: Tracy Nicole Chapman, Erick Schermerhon, Preach

The days are passin slower and the nights they never end
When time turns like a road I wanna see beyond that bend
Cuz every wakin moment finds me waitin for the day till you bring a little sunshine my way
Pictures here remind me of the life I share with you
Your smile is my protecter babe when you arms can't make it through
I see the horizon shinin light against the grey when you bring a little sunshine my was
I'd give anything if I could wake and find you here with your head upon my pillow and your breath upon my ear
But tonight is like an ocean and we sleep on different shores
May your dreams be full of love till you hold me close once more
Abscence makes the heart grow fonder
It's been said before
But I don't need to be apart to love you more
You're all that warms me and I miss you everyday
Won't you bring a little sunshine my way


Written By: Tracy Nicole Chapman, Tony Aliperti

At night when you come to me
I am dreaming fallen fast asleep
or maybe I am wide awake
pretending knowing what I'll see
A light cut through the darkness
I am not alone
I know you will find me

I see angels watching over
I hear angels watching over me

I'm reaching for the pressence near
my heart beats louder than a drum
suddenly you dissapear
still I know I am not alone
Protected like a small child
waiting in the night
I know you will find me

Just Believe

Written By: Tracy Nicole & Jim Webber

Nothing comes easy living is hard
Don't run away don't fight baby
We can go steady or we can stand still
Take our time get up that hill
Believe in something
Just Believe
Just Believe
Some Days are better than others
Some never end
Keepin it all together
I fall apart now and then
Just knowing there's something
Bigger than me
Is all I need
Just Believe
Just Believe
Love comes your way
When you need it the most
Don't turn your back
Just Believe
Just Believe

On The Outside

Written By: Tracy Nicole & Jim Webber

It doesn't matter anymore
Can't escape it
Left all the pieces on the floor behind
Sailing the same course which way to be safe
Cut off the anchor can't afford the weight
And it's hard to survive
when your living on the outside
It's hard to survive
when you're living on the outside
It doesn't matter anymore
You can't escape it
The plan was in place long before you came
Running the same game
Which way towards the win
Run all the same plays
Before you start again
And it's hard to survive
When you're living on the outside
It's hard to survive
When you're living on the outside
Can't afford to go all the way down
Can't afford to go all the way


Tracy Nicole EP currently on iTunes!!!!

Set List

I usually perform a 45 minute set. Which includes mostly originals and a few covers.

the working hour (tears for fears cover)
Bring a little sunshine
Just Believe
Oh Beauty
Better Days
For the love of music (reggae cover)
Mr. Man to Be
Inside My World