Tracy Perrilliat

Tracy Perrilliat


Authentic, anointed, inspirational, uplifting, and worshipful! The music, songs, lyrics, are all reflect a pure heart before God and based on real life experiences. The ministry mission is to help others encounter a living God, to bless the souls of people, to reveal Christ and glorify the Lord!


The band consist of freinds who are extremely talented musicians who love God with all they have.
Our desire is to influence others to know God and then make Him known. It is my hope as the creator of the band that our music impacts this generation to worship the Lord, to be excited a out the Lord, to be encouraged because you belong to the Lord, and to rejoice in the Lord. I've known my whole life that I was created to create music for the world. The Lord gives me songs that are relative to my experience or the experience of a loved one. Asa worship leader, a songwriter, and minister, my prayer is "Lord allow me to bring the sound of heaven to earth. Let people encounter you whenthe see or hear me". I lost my mother some years ago and so I understand pain, grief, suffering, sadness... but that experience along with others allows me to know the heart of those who are hurting. It enables me to create a sound that ministers to the heart of the broken and that's the goal of my music: To allow God to use me to minister to the heart of the broken, and breathe life to the heart of the victor!


Your Love has Captured Me

Written By: Tracy Perrilliat

Your love has captured me by Tracy Perrilliat

Close to you, is where I long to be
Loving you, the reason for the song I sing
Communion with you, is the air that I breathe
Your love has captured me. Your love has captured me.

The wisdom of your love – I will never understand
The greatness of your faithfulness - who could ever comprehend
And your abundant grace - Is too amazing to ignore
So God I’ll give you praise, forevermore

Perfect love, is your banner over me
I’m sweetly overwhelmed to know you sing a love song over me
Unfailing love, you give consistently
Your love has captured me. Your love has captured me.

You give amazing love, yet it still hard to believe
That the Sustainer of the universe is carefully watching over me
What is man, that you are mindful of him?
Lord I don’t understand your love, it’s incredible to me!

Oh what love – It’s amazing!
Oh what love – It’s incredible!
Oh what love – yea, yea, yea, yea
How you love me so I’ll never know

Love so pure - takes my breath away
I stand in awe - at the splendor of your love display
One glimpse of your love - I surrender willingly
Your love has captured me. Your love has captured me.

It’s awesome, marvelous, incredible, glorious, wonderful, beautiful,
Your love is, your love is
Your love has captured me

Forever Praise

Written By: Tracy Perrilliat

Lord you are my song, the beauty of my life
My soul finds peace when I rest in your arms, every day I stand amazed
You are Lord of all, Mercies renewed each day
I’m grateful for all of the things you have done, Let my life be your highest praise

I will bless your name
You’re the God who reigns
Let the nations sing
To our Lord and King
You’re our Sovereign God
Thank you for the Blood
With our hands upraised
Forever you have our praise

I will praise you in the sanctuary, I will praise you with my song
I will praise you in the modnight hour, praise you all day long, praise you all day long

If you know the Lord is worthy, If you know the Lord is worthy praise him
If you love to praise the Lord then say – I will bless His name

Forever, and ever Forever, I will bless your name (repeat)

Ad Lib: As long as I’m breathing, I’m going to bless His name
Because I know that He’s worthy so I will
I got a made up mind to bless His name, I will bless him
No matter what I’m going through, I’m going to bless His name
Because I know that He’s worthy, so I will
And when I get over there, I’ll see Him face to face
I will bless His name


"Straight from the Heart"