Tracy Spring

Tracy Spring

 Bellingham, Washington, USA

Rich, compelling vocals and versatile guitar playing, writer of 3-minute novels, poetry and music all rolled into one. Her wide musical range is demonstrated by the women she's been compared to...Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman, kd lang, and Yo Yo Ma's cello...


Mark Horn from the Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange writes:

”Her vocal range and control will blow you away…add this to fine finger picking and slide guitar work and you get one of the most well rounded musicians around…"


"Songwriter Tracy Spring sizzles with passion and is steamier than an August night in New Orleans. Songwriting is only half the story. Tracy sports an astounding vocal range with rich tone and exquisite phrasing.”

Tracy has won awards for her songwriting, most recently taking First Place in the 2010 and 2011 Tumbleweed Festival Songwriting Contests in Richland, Washington.

Born in Seattle on a spring afternoon, Tracy is a fourth generation Washingtonian and the youngest of three children authored by a freelance journalist and photojournalist. Her childhood was stretched on an adventurous palette emblazoned by her mother’s love of weaving words combined with her emotive touch for music and her father’s gift of storytelling through the lens of his camera.

Inspired by the writing and guitar work of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Shawn Colvin, songwriting became her canvas of choice. For over three decades, she has performed and toured in folk venues throughout North America and Australia, often combining her musical life with social justice work. Combining folk, blues, old R&B, and jazz influences she displays a style all her own. Her well crafted 3 minute novels, rich, compelling vocals and versatile guitar have won her multiple regional songwriting awards. To date, she has also written and co-produced 5 songs that became soundtracks for state employee videos used to promote domestic and international philanthropy.

In addition to an extensive list of solo credits, she has performed in an intricate harmony duo (“Spring and Reitz”), as rhythm guitarist and co-lead singer of an oldies and R&B band (“The Usual Suspects”), the front singer with a jazz band featuring the late guitarist Darwin Evans, and an acclaimed women’s trio (“Christel, Spring & Carper” aka “29 Toes”). One of the trio’s co-written songs (Of this World) ended up on Peter, Paul and Mary’s 2004 release, In These Times. She has also arranged a number of her pieces, such as her folk anthem “Walls Come Tumblin’ Down” and “A World of Difference (In Our Hands) for community choirs in the Northwest and beyond.

Tracy lives in Bellingham, Washington and is currently booking shows to promote her latest album, "Looking Forward-Looking Back" a collection of reflective songs ranging from expressive finger style ballads to rockin' bottleneck blues.


Doc Watson
Cris Williamson and Tret Fure
The Tannahill Weavers
Greg Brown
Eric Bogle
Linda Waterfall
Erin Corday
Linda Allen
Dana Lyons
and many others…


Anacortes Arts Festival, WA
Bellingham Parks and Recreation summer series, WA
Benalla, VIC Australia
Chumstock, Winthrop, WA
Columbia River Folklife Festival, WA
Dalby, QLD Australia
Eshuca, VIC Australia
Eugene’s Dog, Maffra, VIC Australia
Glacier Bay Lodge, AK
Kerrville Folk Festival, TX
Lakewood Folklife Festival, WA
Mallacoota Arts Festival, NSW Australia
Multnomah Folklife Society, OR
Mulwala, New South Wales Australia
Nannup Festival, Perth, West Australia
Northwest Folklife Festival, WA
Philadelphia Music Conference, PA
Port Fairy Music Festival, NSW Australia.
Portland Civic Hall,NSW Australia
Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, WA (Instructor)
Robinvale, VIC Australia
Swan Hill, VIC Australia
The Egyptian Moore Theater, WA
The Roeder Home, WA
The Seasons, Yakima, WA
Three Rivers Folklife Society Concerts, WA
Tumbleweed Folklife Festival, WA
Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia
Wangaratta Grand Central Hotel, NSW
Westley Performing Arts Centre, Horsham, VIC Australia
World Expo 1986, Vancouver, Canada
Yakima Folklife Festival, WA l
Yakima Museum Folklife series, WA
Yakima Parks and Recreation summer series, WA

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Mailing address:

Tracy Spring / P.O. Box 4230, Bellingham, WA 98227



Written By: Tracy Spring


On an airborne highway
With a bird's-eye view
All that does and doesn't matter
All I did and didn't do
Seven miles above the ocean
Still and wrinkled blue
Seven hours of air and motion
Between me and you...

Say I'm coming, say I'm going, life can be a palindrome
On the tip of my tongue
Like the evening sun is falling, rising into dawn, I know...
I'm going, coming home

There's an angel on my shoulder
Sleeping in my ear
There's a devil tellin' me, tellin' me
How to further my career
He won't disturb her slumber
Let sleeping angels lie
That devil's got my number
But he can kiss my soul goodbye...

Hear it coming, hear it go: "no devil lived on"... palindrome!
On the tip of my tongue
Like the evening sun is falling, rising into dawn, I know...
I'm going, coming home

On an airborne highway
I've seen the bird's-eye view
All that does and doesn't matter
Comes down to me and you
Weary dancers
Diamonds in an aging rough
What's the question? Love's the answer
If we can love enough...

When we get it, when we give: love can be a palindrome
On the tip of my tongue
Like the evening sun is falling, rising into dawn, I know...
I'm going, coming...home


Written By: Tracy Spring


If I lay my fire at your feet
I'm trying to show you who I am
All of me, strong and weak
Everything on which I stand...

As you survive my seething storm
And seek your shelter on dry land
Gingerly, your barefoot soul
Steps over thorn and scorching sand...

You may run, I may hide
And both deny what burns inside
So bright with love, tight with fear
Drives away, draws us near...

If we would reach our highest ground
And leave behind the cross we bear
We’d not be wary if we found
Comfort to escape despair

We’d never run, never hide
Never deny what burns inside
So bright with love, tight with fear
Drives away, draws us near...

If I lay my fire at your feet
Will you not grasp through all its flame?
All the pleasure, all the pain
Then I will offer all again...
When I lay my fire at your feet
I'm trying to show you who I am...

Long Time Gone

Written By: Tracy Spring

Long Time Gone by Tracy Spring

Grace was born with loving hands; her mama and papa worked the land
Times were hard… they were strong, love gave them strength to carry on
Grace wakened with a whisper in the fading dawn
We are here for a short while and a long time gone…

Seeds blossom, Grace was grown; she took the world’s work for her own
Turned away no soul in need, always found another mouth to feed
Grace could never take her rest ‘though the road was long
She was here for a short while and a long time gone…

Steady in her elder years, Grace found me when my life was filled with tears
Like a beacon in the night, her shining work became my guiding light
Live and love the best you can, try and do no harm
We are here for a short while and a long time gone…

When Grace took the angel’s hand she gave her body back to the land
World of sorrow disappear, I swear Grace whispers in my ear
Live and love the best you can, try and do no harm
We are here for a short while and a long time gone…

The best we can… carry on…
Here for a short while and a long time, long time gone…

Work and Hope

Written By: Tracy Spring

A hungry child, a bowl of food
An eye for eye, a day of truce
It's those who want, or have and still want more

The silent cries of hollow eyes
Too hard to live, to young to die
It's hate and greed that feed this hungry war

Until everyone has enough to eat
Until all can find a safe place to sleep
There is something you and I must do, it's work, and hope.

A sacrifice, a vision shared
A leap of faith for those that dare
The rose of love will bloom, the dove will fly

If our every act could ease some pain, then the hero has a thousand names
One act, one play, one step each day of work, and hope

When you wish upon a star
Don't leave your heart in heaven starts with one
the longest journey has begun with work... and...

A hungry child, a bowl of food...
'Til none will want and all will want no more

And 'though we may limit the lives we touch 'cause it hurts sometimes to feel too much
Find the strength to do what you can do, with work... and hope...


Looking Forard-Looking Back 2010
More Than Our Share 2000
Life and Art 1995
Spring & Reitz: Live At Binary 1994

Set List

Original songs played with fingerstyle, rhythm and slide guitar and emotive vocals:

The Weaver's Loom
The Hunter and the Bear
Big Fish on the Line
Sound of Change
Long Time Gone
Her Baby Rides a Hog
Looking Back With You
Aleah's Song
Into Someone's Eyes
Empty Arms
The Red Bull
Eat, Sleep, Breathe
Morning Song
Love'll Do
The Meaning of Goodbye
To The Woman on the Road
Walls Come Tumblin' Down
Work and Hope

and many more...