Tradewinds is Kirk Kadish's band project. With Tradewinds, Kirk is bridging the gap between mind & body, writing music that stimulates both. It's all about the groove, without sacrificing intellect; the perfect mixture of elements for today's soulful, sophisticated listener.


Tradewinds is Kirk Kadish's original smooth jazz band project. Kirk has been writing, recording, & performing for 30 years, but primarily in the context of "hired gun" for some of the most creative people in music. Slowly maybe, but very surely, he has been moving closer to the day when he will grace the international stage with his own musical voice & sound. The release of the band's first CD is a major step toward that ultimate goal. Since it's debut on in September, Tradewinds has consistently been the 2nd or 3rd most downloaded CD in the Jazz category & the top album in the Groove/Soul Jazz sub-category!! Most so-called smooth jazz treats the listener as if she just "got off the boat". We give you the respect & dignity you deserve, laying down the groove in your mind as well as in your body.


Our eponymously (I love that!) named CD, Tradewinds, is our first release. We're represented on all the major streaming services by CD Baby. is carrying several of our tunes. Our music has been downloaded over 70,000 times on CNET's The single, "Jet Stream", recently entered the Top 10 in's Jazz category and the Top 5 in their Contemporary Jazz sub-category.

Set List

A normal set list consists of a few tunes off the CD, an original tune or two not on the CD, & interesting covers of Nirvana, Sting, Joe Jackson, Outkast, Nickel Creek, & who knows what next?! Generally, we do 45-minute sets, although a 90-minute show is also do-able.