Trafton Harvey

Trafton Harvey


Every artist has his story, this artist has his miracle. His life. When listening to his smooth country to the core vocals, it is hard to imagine this man was unable to speak or walk just a short time ago. It is time for Trafton Harvey to re-claim his place in the music world.


This young man had it all. His talent, his good looks and time was on his side. He was living in Nashville and writing for a major music company when his brain was attacked by encephalitis. The only child of a small town local sheriff and his wife had his last rights administered to him more than once. After waking up from a three month long coma, Trafton could not speak or walk. The doctors told his parents that he never would recuperate and should be placed in a rehab type home for the rest of his life. But his family refused and returned their son back to their Florida home to start a lengthy process of retraining his brain. Music being such a part of Trafton's heart, his family found that to be a major tool in teaching Trafton to regain his speech abilities. It has taken ten years for Trafton to over come the viral attack to his brain. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of details in Trafton's story but the bottom line is, Trafton is not out for sympathy. He is all about the here and now which consist of embracing every day , every opportunity for his music to be heard and is living proof that miracles do still happen. Trafton is known to many as "the come back kid", take a listen and you will see why.


A Day In The Life

Written By: Trafton Harvey

Mornin' brings black coffee
and postcards from the road
half a pint of Daniels
done traveled down my throat
long distance information
just got me Memphis Tennessee
It's just a day in the life
of a honky tonk hero like me

Beer for lunch and dinner
and a barfly for dessert
Mary Jane to ease the pain
ain't got no time to hurt
a county fair in Austin
then it's a talk show on T.V.
It's just a day in the life
of a honky tonk hero like me

It's hard to catch your breath
when you ain't got no time to breath
they say there's one in every crowd
why is that one always me

Singin' autographs and alimony checks
half the state of Texas turns out to be my X
from a high school job in Frisco
to some ole' juk in Tennessee
it's just a day in the life
of a honky tonk hero like me

The Jones' Can't Keep Up

Written By: Trafton Harvey/M. Anthony

Our house don't make no statement
that we've finally arrived
there's no Lexus on the pavement
out there in our drive
we're in the lower half of the middle class
if you check our bottom line
but judgin' us by our love
were doin' mighty fine

And the Jones' can't keep up with us
were filthy rich with good clean love
through thick and thin through boom or bust
when were out of cash in love we trust
and the Jones' can't keep up with us

You won't ever find us on the Forbes 400 list
but the lovin' ties that bind us
is wealth that some folks miss
were in the upper crust when it comes to love
we keep goin to extremes go no cash flow
our funds are low but were livin high on dreams

Now we don't bother checkin' out the down
Jones averages but in each others arms is
where our treasure is

She Loves Me

Written By: Trafton Harvey/Greenebaum

She smiled and said let' take a walk
theres a lot I need to say
it won't be easy but I think its time
I just felt my heart standill
the whole world seemed to stop
I did my best to brace myself
and waited for goodbye

and the stars they were shinin'
like a fire in her eyes
and time stood still I swear
as she whispered the words
that would change my whole life
like a miracle out of thin air
who would have ever thought it
who would have ever dreamed
She'd look at me and say
She Loves Me

I just let the words sink in
until they reached my heart
and when I said I love you too she cried
I brushed the teardrops from her cheeks
and held her in my arms
we both knew forever true
was startin' on that night

Bethelem Steele

Written By: Greenebaum/Harvey

Bethelem Steele

My Granda was a Truman man he'd say "Go get em Harry"
this country was his promise land, his God was the son of Mary
The family moved to Pensilvania the year my dad was born
He grew up an iron worker where the mighty furnace roared

C Pourin' Bethelem Steele from the ore the earth would yield
it made the rails it made the wheels that turned the world around
his work was hard but it was honest it was real
and everyday his calloused hands would feel
Bethelem Steele

Joseph was a homeless man he had no gold or silver
his wife gave birth as he held her hand
to a son who would be a builder
a single star was shinin' down and the light from heaven poured
in that humble little town the bonds of faith were forged

C Strong as Bethelem Steele from the Savior God would yield
bore the faith that drove the wheel that turned the world around
his work was hard because the world was his to heal
now everyday his love provides the shield
tough as Bethelem Steele


Trafton has released 3 CD's. All of which can be heard at his official website,