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Swaggah Of The Year-Mixtape
Tragic Behavior 1.0-Mixtape
Go Hard Criminal-Mixtape
Boima I EP
Boima II EP
Tragic Behavior 2.0-Mixtape



Tragedy is young rapper from the small city of New Britain,Connecticut. Born on January 1st,1995, Allister Darius "Tragedy" Boima really didnt want to grow up to be a rapper. Darius started rapping at the age of 7 in the 3rd grade by saying little kid rhymes.It wasnt until he was 9 in the 5th grade that he really started to get into rap. "I really started to feel the love of rap because thats the year 50 Cent came out, and fifty really just grabbed my attention". In the 6th grade, Tragedy came out with his first ever track."That track was special.Though the rhymes in them were horrible.It was still special because it was my first recorded track". Tragedy formed his first ever rape group that year, called S.A.C.R.E.D. The group went on to make an album called S.A.C.R.E.D City."S.A.C.R.E.D those were my homies.They were like family to me. The only songs that people thought were nice on S.A.C.R.E.D's album was Total Takeover and Swat Team Is Comin'. The group was going for their sophmore album but the group split because of some leadership issues. Tragedy said he was going to stop rapping because of that moment. But that saying didnt last long. In 7th grade, Tragedy became to come a custom to the art of freestyling. Tragedy beat several people in freestyle battling that year and became sorta known. Though he vowed to never make another track, the young phenominon came out with hit song "Ya Needa Say Something". But after the release of this track, Tragedy looked like he was really done with rapping.In 8th grade, Darius,yet again, couldnt hold on to his promise and came out with a bunch of tracks. One being the track that lifted Tragedy to stardom in his school,Roc Boyz For Life. "Even though Roc Boyz For Life wasnt my first ever track, I say thats when my career really started to lift off. At the age of 13 and heading into high school, Tragedy had came out with a semi-album called Put Em' Up. But Put Em' Up never gotten finished. In his freshman year of high school, Tragedy decided to get out there and let the world know that he IS the next best thing. Tragedy, yet again, formed a rap group called New Kids. He started his own record label,something like Lil Wanye's Young Money Records, and came out with 3 mixtapes by the time of April 2009. Tragedy would released 3 more mixtapes in May of 2009. In his freestyling career, Tragedy would take the record of 12-1. But Tragedy faced many controversary in his freshman year, beefing with several other rap groups and artists in his home city of New Britain. "My beefs with Danny D, Purple City and R4A was really crazy. Stuff was said that wasnt suppose to be said but in the end, me and New Kids came out the reign supreme". After 7 long years of hard work and dedication, Tragedy has finally been signed, rather than working on his own label, to 24/7 Records,a small indie record label based in Dayton, Ohio. Though Ohio is far from Connecticut, Tragedy still continues to work with his record label to try to make songs and try to make this oppurtunity work. Tragedy is currently working on his new album and on several mixtapes. His protege group,New Kids, first mixtape will be releasing soon.