Phoenix, Arizona, USA
BandHip HopSoul

The Revival of Hip-Hop the Lost Genre of being a lyricist and the universal appeal for radio play the perfect blend of underground and mainstream and the best part about it is that its REAL MUSIC


Tragedy was born and raised on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona..aside from peoples idea of Az its a hard place to grow up in due to drug and gang problems in Arizona...but thru all that rose a PHOENIX also known as Tragedy. He later me up with his cuzzin Julz Da Joka and joined up with Him and Akande Davis also known As "NEW HEIGHTS" they tore up the game for awhile until college split them apart. Then tragedy realized his potential as a leader and Formed Money Hungry Ent. This unique artist brings raw talent, intellect, and lyrics to the table his work ethic and intelligence have kept safe and alive on the streets he knows how to hold his own and has come to take his game to the next level


"Hustla's Habit" 2011 (mixtape)

"Tragedy 2012" 2012 (mixtape)

Single "Success"

Single "Like Woe"