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The best kept secret in music


"Tragedy Andy"

I saw these guys at the famous Vulture Row show at Treasure Island and I remember being quite impressed with them. Tragedy Andy is a pop punk band from the East Bay, and they play catchy sugar-coated songs in the vein of MXPX.
This album is full of songs about all the good and bad emotions that come along with relationships. Tragedy Andy did get some commercial airplay on Live 105 and 104.9 on this debut CD with the 4th track called “Damsel” which is just one of Tragedy Andy’s anthems. “It’s never too late to start over” is the hook lyric that lingers in your head all day long and the song even features an almost traditional guitar solo, which you don’t hear too much these days in this genre of music.
The whole album is full of great guitar melodies and the band recording really does them justice. Like their peers The Matches, Tragedy Andy have put some miles on the road touring and spreading their gospel DIY style. The Matches ended up on Epitaph, but I’m thinking something more along the lines of Capitol Records for Tragedy Andy.
- Remy Armstrong (Zero Magazine) - ZERO MAGAZINE (May 2004 Issue)

"Tragedy Andy"

Is Tragedy Andy a new band, an old band or what? Well, in 2002, when Tragedy Andy released their first album, they were a three-piece rock band with a different drummer. Now the lyrics have matured, the sound is fuller, with the help of a second guitar, and new drummer, and they have a new album out on PopSmear Records called It's Never Too Late to Start Over, signifying a new beginning with new members.
Tragedy Andy have lots of influences, including Green Day, and blend right in. Can I see them on a major label? Yes. Behind the obvious singles -- "November,""Damsel" and "Safe To Say" -- this band will have no trouble expanding an already huge fanbase.
My favorite song on It's Never Too Late To Start Over is "November." Rerecorded, revamped and richer, the song has better harmonies, stronger bass and tone than on the band's self-titled full-length debut.
Though some call Tragedy Andy an emo band, I disagree. I think they are far from it. They are just a strong, melodic rock band that can put out a strong rock 'n’ roll album, which, if it were up to me, I'd make everyone buy.

- Daniel Schein (Agouti Music Web Zine) - AGOUTI MUSIC (July 2003)


"It's Never Too Late To Start Over" (2003)
Popsmear Records
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"Tragedy Andy" 2000

"Popsmear Records Live!" (2004)
20 Live Tracks from: Tragedy Andy, Locale AM, Halfway To Nowhere, Only In Dreams, The Silent Film Stars.
Available on , , & at shows

"West Coast Drama" 2004 Hey Sherman

"Have You Heard" New School Records (2001)

"SOS" Atomic Mary Records (2001)
Featured Tragedy Andy track: I'll Take It


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tragedy Andy. Their name draws fans wherever they perform.San Mateo-based TragedyAndy ready to hit the big time, said the SF Examiner in September 2004. With over 22,000 downloads on Pure Volume, a debut single at #180 on the Nationwide CMJ Charts, dates on the Warped Tour, and over 5000 CDs of their debut, "It's Never Too Late to Start Over" sold, TA is sure to leave their brand of smart punk in your head and your CD player. Their musicianship and energy is infectious, their sound distinct. Tragedy Andy is truly poised to make their mark on the national
music scene and the time is now.

Formed in 1998 when best friends Justin and Dusty & Doug were starting high school, TragedyAndy quickly set themselves apart as a band with more than ambition. They found Isaac to complete their line up and started playing bars, nightclubs,high schools, acoustically outside of shows, anywhere and everywhere that would have them. It wasn't long before the experience of playing over 1000 shows started paying off. In 2003 they found themselves opening the California Music Awards show by winning the CMA showcase Battle of the Bands. They have made an impact in the Bay Area of San Francisco and continue to grow as musicians and performers. Some accomplishments include:

-2002, 2004 Warped Tour
-MTV's Road Rules Extreme (2004 season finale)
-Performed with bands such as: The Donnas (Dec. 7th 2004), The Matches, NoFX, Reel Big Fish, Save Ferris, Jay Mascis and the Fog, Yellow Card, Park, SugarCult, Boys Night Out, Forces of Evil, NHOI, Authority Zero, The Plain White T's, and Strung
Out to name a few
-Charted in the top 200 in the US on the CMJ radio charts for four months
-Performing over 200 shows a year
-Three successful tours of the south west (CA,AZ,NV,TX,NM)
-Strong online community following around the world
-Self produced first 2 releases and Full length CD which sold over 5000 copies
-Frequent play on college stations throughout the US and Canada, including major local radio stations such as KITS FM/Live 105.3 & KCNL FM/104.9
-Showcased in the 2003 California Music Awards ceremony
-First Place Battle of the Bands - Exposure (2000)
-First Place Battle of the Bands - CMA showcase Battle of the Bands (2003)
-2004 World Cyber games

Each of Tragedy Andy's members had their unique way of discovering their passion for music. Dusty started playing guitar at the age of six when his father, a touring musician, gave him his first guitar. He was the accepted into the prestigious Berkeley
School of Music in Boston in 2001. Justin is a self-taught musician and singer who discovered his love for music by the age of 10, when he saved up his own allowance to spend on an Epiphone Bass Guitar that he still has today. Isaac received a guitar
for Christmas, instead of a skateboard, at age 12 and emerged three years later a lead guitarist. Doug, a trained and accomplished drummer from a very young.

Tragedy Andy offers a passionate brand of smart punk rock complementing the standard pop punk with intricate guitar harmonies and chord progressions with catchy melodies,
poetic lyrics and an unmistakable driving beat. Their songs stand out and their live performance makes people stand up and take notice. They are experienced musicians and touring professionals with a strong work ethic and drive to succeed. You still see them promoting every show they do, wherever they play. Their music comes first.Indeed, Tragedy Andy continues to sacrifice and follow their hearts to make their dreams come true.