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Chasin' Dreams (2002)
Artist: TraGiC
Label: Decible Studios

1. Intro
2. Chasin' Dreams
3. Can't Compare (featuring Al Honey)
4. Babylon Beware
5. Wake Up Call [skit]
6. Thru Their Eyez
7. Care 4 U
8. Losin' Touch
9. One Last Time
10. Damn Criticz [skit]
11. My Lyfe
12. A Day At A Time
13. Motherly Advice (Bonus Track)

Note: TraGiC's first ever release! It put him on the map and showed California what the hell he's really made of! It featured Al Honey and beats by Decible.

Gift I Cherish (2004)
Artist: TraGiC
Label: Decible Studios

1. 32 Scars
2. Grandma Skit
3. X'cuse Me
4. Few Chosen
5. Beauty
6. Who'z Dat
7. Rock Dis
8. The Best Of Me
9. Twin Glocks
10. The Rules
11. HaterVision
12. Wat U Got
13. GiC
14. Party In A Bottle
15. The Rush
16. Pride
17. Never Meant 2 Leave
18. Envy
19. Who's 2 Blame
20. Still My Rock
21. Watch Mah Style

Note: TraGiC's newest release! It features club bangers such as "Rock Dis" and "Party In A Bottle" as well as the radio exposed, "Still My Rock".




In the Rap Game, you come across many intriguing personalities, but rarely do you find real music. What defines a person’s character is how real he or she is outside of their music world. TraGiC never separates his life from his music. His signature style formed because, like many, he lives a life of epic highs and lows. But let’s face it, TraGiC never is or has been a "Gangsta" or has ever been shot. But he copes with a different type of pain, a pain he was born with, "Cerebral Palsy”. Cerebral Palsy was TraGiC’s gift and his curse because it gave him the spirit to write and create lyrics and yet stole any chance of him to walk normally like the rest of us (labeling him as being "Physically Handicapped"). Rarely do you find a rapper who not only says it, but lives it! And in a time where such an artist is needed, TraGiC is there to answer the calling. When you hear TraGiC 'flow,' it's undeniable that you will get chills! Not because of the words or music, but because when you hear it, you know it’s from the heart! TraGiC picked up the mic back in 1995, working up his own buzz within his hometown, Modesto, creating a wide demographic fan base just through homemade mix tape recordings. In 2002, TraGiC dropped his first EP to the state, titled “Chasin’ Dreams,” letting California know that there’s a new phenomenon to be felt. In 2004, TraGiC released “Gift I Cherish” - a 21-track tour de force, TraGiC’s realest and rawest album to date. Though its main theme is to remain deep, “Gift I Cherish” touches many different vibes, from tracks for the deep-lyric listener to the banging-club lovers. Radio-ready tracks like “X’cuse Me” and “Rock Dis” are sure to attract a broad range of listeners and provide a mainstream vibe. On the other hand, you can hear TraGiC’s trials and tribulations as he pours his heart and life out on songs such as “The Best of Me” and “32 Scars.” TraGiC was featured on a California hip-hop radio station, HOT 1O47, in which he was voted and praised for his track “Still My Rock”, where he became a semi-finalist in Xzibit’s 2005 HIP-HOP SUPERSTA CONTEST! Now there’s a staggering combination that cannot be denied…