Tragic Tone

Tragic Tone


Rock music that's hip AND with it.


How can one describe Tragic Tone and capture every aspect of this truly incredible band? The words: intense, passionate, and amazing just roll off the tongue at the mere mention of their name. From the raw energy and emotion of their stage show, to the dedication put into each song, Tragic Tone truly is “The Must See Band of 2004”.

Powerful vocals by Chris Reece (of Blindview) and melodic lead and rhythm guitar by Drew Ashworth (of Dr. Orange) and “The Cage” give Tragic Tone a catchy sound without losing musical integrity. While the pounding bass of Eric Scheulin and technical prowess of drummer Kevin McDowell, shatter all prior concepts of new rock. Together, Tragic Tone will be a force to be reckoned with in 2004!!


8 Days With Michael (EP) 2004

Set List

Empty Castle
Hold On
Cut Deep
Only Heaven Knows Her Name
Stuck Forever With You
Drew's Song
Far From You
Stroking 5th
It's Over
Pay Dirt

And with over 25 covers ranging from Pearl Jam to Outkast, Tragic Tone can fill any requirements.