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"Tragik Magic: Piece By Piece"

In an age where cookie cutter rock bands saturate mainstream media, it is those artists that are willing to go against the grain that are able to stand out and last beyond the current “in” mold. Tragik Magic’s modern take on a reminiscent sound proves that good music isn’t produced out of what is the latest fad but from showcasing what we have learned from our foundational musical forefathers (and foremothers).

The band’s first studio album, written by vocalist and Hammond player Greg Jaffe and guitarist Brian Duggan, is a rich blend of soulful blues and jam rock with a dose of metal’s edginess. Producer and drummer Andrew Bertrand is able to highlight the strengths of each artist with out overpowering the group or losing sight of each song. Jaffe’s voice combines the soul of Stevie Wonder with the brassiness of Brian Johnson. It is only one of the unique sounds that carry this album to success.

A groovin’ bass line by George “Youngblood” Karr and Jaffe on the Hammond give “Block It Out” a retro feel. On harder songs such as “Inside Scar” (which has been featured on XM Satellite Radio) and “Everything That Kills,” Bertrand’s ability to bring the drums from the background rhythm section to the heart of the song is amazing. Duggan’s talent with the guitar shines throughout the disc, but is seen best in the simplicity of “Stranger.”

The entire album is worth a listen. While you can hear the influences of Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Living Colour, and more, the sound is distinctive to Tragik Magic alone.

Piece By Piece is available at CD Baby or iTunes. For more information on Tragik Magic, visit or
– Faith Rackoff
- Good Times, Jan. 2007


Seven (Live album, November, 2004)
Piece By Piece (Studio Album, June, 2006, 131 Records)
Inside Scar (Single, July, 2006)
Listen for "Inside Scar" in rotation on XM Sattelite Radio!



In years past we have seen many creative, passionate artists come to music. In bringing their vision to the stage together, they showed us what it took to turn us on to great music. Today the world is alive and well, with many great musicians. Every so often, these like-minded players come together and create a sound to truly inspire us. That is the essence of Tragik Magic.

From the first downbeat, the band experienced the kindred nature of their influences, which range from the soul of Stevie Wonder to the ferocity of Led Zeppelin, the sophistication of Steely Dan to the raw energy of Jimi Hendrix. The band can (and does) play faithful renditions from such artists. Moreover, they draw from this energy to create a unique, contemporary sound which has been described as “a fusion of Eclectic - Dance - Power!”

Singing practically from birth, lead singer Greg “Jaf” Jaffe, one of the band’s principal song writers, crafts a soulful approach. With a high energy delivery, he weaves his vocal testimony gracefully through the inspired guitar riffs of the band’s other primary creator, Brian “Bri” Duggan. His playing is drenched in the rock ‘n’ roll element that has inspired musicians and listeners for decades.

Tragik Magic is undoubtedly completed by the true drive of their groove. Bass player George “Youngblood” Karr lays down lines that give new meaning to Deep End, and his playing complements the riffery of Bri’s guitar at every turn. Youngblood’s bass remains married to the groove, which is truly defined by the drumming of Andrew M. Bertrand. While maintaining the very pulse of Tragik Magic’s sound, Andrew’s bombastic display reminds us why we love rock ‘n’ roll.

Formed in 1998, Tragik Magic quickly set out west from New York to gig around the Colorado Ski communities. After recording, the band played several NYC area shows, and then continued touring the southwest during 2000-03, finally landing in the Isle of St. Croix in 2004. The band then re-grouped in 2004 in New York, recording, writing, and performing new and old material around New York City, preparing for their next conquest, and supporting their 2004 live recording, Seven. In 2005, the band went back into the studio to record their first full-length studio release, Piece by Piece, for independent label 131 Records.

As Tragik Magic looks to the future, the message of their music is clear:
"Turn on, move and you’ll find the way to pull yourself through!
Shake what you got, while you still can!"