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"Trai'D Popular"

We've been following the efforts of Dallas rapper Trai'D for some time now -- since the summer of 2009, even, when he first caught our ears with his summer-loving jam "Summertime" and followed that single up with his local radio-enjoyed "Gutta Bitch."

These days, though, the G4 Muzik-affiliated rapper really seems primed to blow. This week, he released his long-time coming mixtape, Popularity Contest 1.5, and, with it, a new video for, clearly, the biggest song on the release, "Popular," which features a guest spot from buzzing Compton-based rapper Tyga of Young Money Entertainment.

The song's a bit of a deviation from Trai'D's normally club-ready catalog. Ditching that banger mentality, this track tackles the far more serious subject of peer pressure among youths -- which would make for some pretty schlocky material if it weren't also among the best songs we've heard out of the radio-friendly local hip-hop set in some time.

Check out the song's music video, which visually deals with the same themes that Trai'D and Tyga tackle in the song lyrically, after the jump. We highly recommend it. - Dallas Observer


HeavyWeight Mixtape (2007)
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Yung Thundacat (2009)
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Popularity Contest (2010)
Popularity Contest 1.5 (2011)
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[short bio]
According to the dictionary a trademark is a name, symbol, or other device identifying a product, officially registered and legally restricted to the use of the owner or manufacturer. It is a distinctive characteristic by which a person or thing comes to be known. It is also the root-word from which Texas rapper Trai'D (pronounced Tray D), one of the South's hottest MCs choose to base his stage moniker Traidmark on.

"Trai'D is short for Traidmark. I chose that as my name because a "trademark" is the symbol that a company or organization uses to represent them and their product. In my case where ever I'm at I'm representin' my people, my city, my label, everything I stand for to the fullest."

Born Joseph Aschalew (Ethiopian Descent) in Dallas, Texas twenty- two years ago, Trai'D grew up in the City's rough and tumble Oakcliff district, a place where poverty, drugs and violent crime walk hand-in- hand, often claiming the lives of many young Black and Latino males. After recording the song "Gutta Chick” (2008) it led him to his first major label situation with Jive Records. Since then, he has steadily been building his reputation and a online cult following with the releases of numerous mixtapes and singles and continuing to tour amongst the south. When asked about his legacy Trai’D reminisces on what got him in the music business and how a song he recorded in his bedroom ended up on the billboards.

“It was destiny, I was about to graduate high school and on my way to college when my last situation fell into my lap. I can’t really tell u why I do music, I Just Do This Sh*t!”

Now rapping, writing, & producing he’s clearly taking control of his destiny to become something more then everybody ever imagined. As a student of the game Trai’D understands what it takes to be successful in this business and knows its really only a matter of time.