Trains Eye View

Trains Eye View

 Tempe, Arizona, USA

Trains Eye View is not a band that is easily compared to other bands you've heard before. Their unique sound and raw lyrics create the opportunity for those listening to connect with themselves and each other on a deeper level.


Trains Eye View is the indie experimental band from Phoenix, AZ who through the emotion of their lyrics and sound attempt to break down and expose societal boundaries of today. The diversity in their music is a direct reflection of the variety of musical backgrounds contributed by each band member. On vocals, keys and rhythm guitar, also the founder of the band; Sue comes from a background of formal training in classical and jazz piano along with vocal training since a very young age, which provides a certain softness and refinement. Joe, the drummer, is a former metal drummer who supports the band with a more edgy tone. Eric, the lead guitarist though coming from a punk background will wow you with his Hendrix-esque solos. Floyd, the bassist, adds his groovy blues style meshing it all together creating a vibe that helps the listener feel like they're traveling on the same tracks. The Band has been together since January of 2009 and has been progressing musically together while becoming more like family. Trains Eye View is working together to compose music with the purpose of bringing humankind together in an effort to make a positive difference in the society of today. All aboard! Join in our journey and view the world through Trains Eye View.


Trains Eye View has recorded, published and released 1 full length off label album.
"Point of Departure" 2009

Set List

Another 20 Years
Cloud 9
21 Grams
I Hate the way I love you
Before I forget about you
Dont Say
Wings of an Angel
We want more
Brads Song
I dont feel the Fall
Open Your Eyes