4 Girls, 3 Boys, 2 chords: Brooklyn's TRALALA lay it on you like a big pop KISS. Tralala features girl-group harmonies backed by rockin garage guitars and drums. The girls & boys have spent their summer oooh'ing and ahh'ing their way into the hearts of New Yorkers.


TRALALA is easy to love. With four hot girl leads, fun yeah-yeah dance beats and orgiastic on-stage antics, the 7-piece pop band formerly known as Tight Fit is an audio-visual rock assault. Backed by a heavy rock trio, they have earned comparisons to The Ramones, The Shangri-La's and The Jesus &
Mary Chain, they are purely original, originally pure. HA!


TRALALA released their debut album on Audika Records in June 2005. The album is currently receiving sweeet reviews and radio play across the land. Call Audika Records or AAM for more info.

Set List

Our typical set list is 9-11 songs. Typical set last 30-40 minutes. We play one cover of a Jesus and Mary Chains song, 'Never Understand'. Here is an example of a typical set:
All Fired Up
Your Time is My Time
No Pain No Pain
The Girls Say
He's Alright
Everybody's Doing Fine
Never Understand
Like This
Dark Things
We're Coming Out