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TRAMA is an M.C that uses his life as lyrical motivation. I live by the "if I said it I meant it" code. My music is like my diary so when you listen to my music you'll get to know me, my actions and my inner thoughts...word!


Hailing from Queens, NY, TRAMA started rhyming at age 13. In a recent interview with the M.C, he states that he was heavily influenced by old-school Hip-Hop. The late 80s and artists like Rakim, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, NWA, and Run DMC helped TRAMA find his merit as a musical artist.

TRAMA is dedicated to displaying different influences in music due to his bicultural upbringing (Trinidadian and American), musical tastes, and life experiences.

All of TRAMA's songs and albums tell a visual story lifted from his past and present, creating a new sound and artistic palate for Hip-Hop and raps future.
TRAMA's resume steadily gains more impressive credits as he has already worked with Sadat X from Brand Nubian, Tragedy Khadafi, Littles, Royal Flush, producers such as Megah Maan, Roots, Sketchman, and DJ Tom Cat. He has performed at The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles and the Paladium in New York City, opened for Roc-A-Fella's FREEWAY, Lil Flip, Brother Ali of Rhymesayers was featured in Murder Dog Magazine and shared a cover with DJ Quik (no introduction necessary) in an issue of Worldwide Westside Magazine.

So much artistic success has not come without hard work, dedication, and love for music. TRAMA is an advocate of the DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality. When he is not working on albums or with his Tram-Unit (think of a hospitals Trauma Unit), he is printing out flyers, working on his website, or even directing and editing videos/commercials. TRAMA would also love to work with Nas (he reminds me of the late 80s), and is interested in acting. Judging from his accomplishments and devotion to his musical endeavors, TRAMA's future in music looks promising as an MC.
TRAMA brings passion, humor, lyrical wisdom, and creativity back to the world of Hip-Hop. It would be a shame to not check out this artist as he evolves in his journey to create good music.


"Menage-A-TRAM" (2001), "TRAMA-SUTRA" (2004), "TRAMAGNUM" (2005), "TRAMA-DUSA" (2006), "H.C.M.C the mixtape" (2007), "BARACK-OTRAMA the mixtape" (2008), "MR.T the .zip tape" (2009)
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Set List

My typical set is pure "entertainment". It's not a typical solo rap performance; I do skits, I get the crowd involved and spit over beats, beat box and acapellas. It's hard to put the show into words so I guess you gotta come check my out to get the whole experience.