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"Trama - Chinatown (Video)"

If we expect the younger generation to respect our lane then we should do the same. I’m feeling this joint from Boston’s 17 year old TRAMA. - Dot Got It

"Trama - "Chinatown""

New track from 17 year-old Boston emcee Trama, produced by Eric Lynch. From his upcoming album, American Espionage. Video by Austin Ludwig. - UGS Mag

"Trama "Chiantown" [Video]"

17 year old Trama has performed at the famous Middle East and Sculler’s Jazz Club, among other venues in MA. Among some of the artists he’s worked with is Cam Meekins, winner of the Boston Music Awards “Best New Artist.”

“Chinatown” is Tray’s second video, and the single for his upcoming album “American Espionage,” releasing this June. The video was shot at several locations in Boston. - Left Over Cake

"Video: Trama - "Chinatown""

Boston up and comer Trama releases a new visual for "Chinatown". Chinatown blends an old school beat with introspective lyrics. He tells a story in the song and gives us a brief background on his upbringing. Storytelling is always good.
- She Bloggin'

"Music Video: Trama "Chinatown""

Here’s more talent out of Boston in the form of Trama. The 17-year-old rapper, who has performed at venues such as Middle East and Schuller’s Jazz Club, and has done extensive work with Cam Meekins, releases a new music video titled “Chinatown.”

Shot throughout areas in the historic Chinese section of Boston, the upcoming talent displays a mature flow in the Austin Ludwig directed visual. Still a teenager, Trama uses the Eric Lynch produced track to unleash introspective lines ”Chinatown” serves as a single off the forthcoming American Espionage, which is due out in 2013.

Watch the video below and be on the lookout for more music. - Hard In The Paint

"Trama - "Chinatown""

This website enjoyed Trama's new video and single, "Chinatown," and posted it for their readers. - Hip Hop Headquarters

"Trama – “Chinatown” (Post)"

This website accepted the music submission for Trama's video and song, "Chinatown," and posted it for their readers. - Talk of the Streets

"Trama Ayala – “Chinatown” (Prod. by Eric Lynch)"

First of all, I just want to clarify that even if Ayala didn't have hot verses on this track, which he totally does, I still would have put this up, just because of Eric Lynch and his beautiful sample of Jerry Goldsmith's masterpiece soundtrack from "Chinatown." If you aren't familiar with the film, go watch it now. And if you don't know the sample, I posted it with the song after the jump.

So beat aside, Trama definitely goes to work on this joint, giving it a new age feel over that classic horn. Don't let the flow trip you though, Ayala gets introspective on this track, discussing his outlook on life, wondering whether he is a pessimist or not, and even begins to give advice to himself in the past.

"I'm feeling a moment, the moment is tense/ Wishing I knew how the story would end/ Or where it began/ lost as fuck, alone and wondering where are my friends/ Memories are happy, the present is a bitch/ So I had in my past to find my happiness again"

That's really intense, I'll just let you listen to this one and think about it on your own. - The Beacon Hip-Hop


What's the Deal (Single & Video) [Produced by Cam Meekins] [2012]
Desperate Youth (Free Album) [Executive Produced by Cam Meekins) [2012]
Chinatown (Single & Video) [Produced by Eric Lynch] [2013]
God Only Knows (Single - Debuted on Night Hawk Radio) [Official Release Coming Soon)



Trama Ayala was born Tray Ayala-Layne in Boston, Massachusetts. Only 18 years old, Tray began exploring music on the school buses throughout elementary school, freestyling with peers to beats consisting of claps and thumps on the back of dark green bus seats.

Due to his early experimentation and experience, Trama began accumulating a strong understanding of various flows, intricate rhyme schemes, and a personal cadence and poise unmatched by other artists.

Although Tray grew up in Roxbury, an urban neighborhood of Boston, he was also a member of the METCO program, in which inner city kids commuted to the suburbs and earned their education there. Consequently, Trama has in many ways lived two lives, watching and learning the ways of suburbia while developing an understanding of the city streets. Such a juxtaposition has given the young hip hop artist a unique perspective, fully grasping the contrasts and similarities between the suburban and urban music markets.

Years later, with a more mature view on life and a formidable arsenal of rap techniques, Tray recorded his first song in a dimly lit, musty school studio during his Freshman year. The room quickly became a small but powerful melting pot for artists with differing backgrounds and a shared dream. After befriending older classmates and soaking up new information, Tray acquired knowledge about production software (such as Logic Pro and Pro Tools) while also sharpening his skills.

Aware of his various talents and eager to touch the souls of listeners around the world, Tray adopted the moniker "Trama Ayala" in 2012 and initiated his ascent in the music business. He has gone on to release the free album "Desperate Youth," which is executively produced by Cam Meekins, the winner of the "Best New Artist" award at the 2012 Boston Music Awards. Having already performed at various staple venues in the Boston area, such as the Middle East, Scullers Jazz Club, and Tommy Doyles, Trama is establishing himself as a rising young star, rooted by dark and personal sounds without losing his crossover appeal.