Tramble and Tramble

Tramble and Tramble


A refreshing innovative artist team who will evoke an aroma of passion and power through the atmosphere as they share their message of hope and faith.


Michael and Robin Tramble (Tramble and Tramble) are a singer, songwriter and musician. Robin Tramble is a psalmist, which combines the gift of music and singing with a deep deliverance of a message from Father God's heart. Tramble and Tramble will lift your spirits and propel you toward a horizon of faith, inspiration and power. Their sound has been described as fresh and anointed, powerful and transforming. Their call goes beyond music as they reach out into the audience to deliver a compelling message of hope stemming from their life experiences and commitment to living life on purpose. They have travelled across the US and Canada, ministering and sharing empowering messages in song including original songs.


We must be ready (EP)
You don't weep alone (911)- (single)

Set List

Run to You
I'll Bless the Lord
You don't weep alone
Because of who you are
I'm persuaded
The presence of the Lord is here