Tramps Like Us

Tramps Like Us

 Hereford, England, GBR

Different from everyone else, a mesh of powerful riffs, tunes and catchy all the way. Our guitarist is a Drum 'n Bass DJ and does remixes of our tunes. Want a crowd dancing? We'll do the job and blow any audience away given the chance...want to help start a revolution? Book us :)


Hi, we're "Tramps Like Us"! After bumping into each other in Hereford in late 2009, we developed a song list aimed to excite you, so we could explode on to the stage and get a crowd dancing their socks off!

At our first gig in Bristol we actually had a Tramp dancing to our songs outside the venue! Although originally the band name came form the lyrics of the song "Born to Run" by Bruce Sprigsteen, this lovely routine from this spirrited chap pushed us on to stick with it!

We're influenced from bands like the Subways, the Explosion, Foo Fighters, Maximo Park, Lost Prophets, the Killers, Dandelion Killers...bands that put on a good live show!

What sets us apart? Our music! Simple as! Have a listen, and you'll see :)

You can download the songs from our first studio session, and the Dubstep-to-Drum'n'Bass remix done by our guitarist for FREE from our myspace:


Troubled Ghosts EP -
1. Ghosts
2. Mr.Trouble
3. Ghosts (Kynch Remix)

Available for streaming from:

Remix played on BBC Hereford and Worcester within a week of releasing it on CD at our gig at the Jailhouse in Hereford.

Set List

Typical Set List:
1. Mirrors and Glances
2. Ghosts
3. (Our version) MGMT Kids
4. Running on Railway Lines
5. Whispers
6. (Cover) Arctic Monkeys Bet you look good on the dancefloor
7. Disaster Waiting to Happen
8. Mister Trouble

Typically play sets lasting 30 mins