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I'm a fourteen year-old rapper representin' TEXAS! I'm bringin' that funky, in your face hip-hop with a positive twist. My lyrics are energetic with a "Grown Folk" appeal for the new generation! Lacin' innovative & musical beats with tight lyrics equals slammin' tracks! It's Ear Lickin' Good!


Trance was musically inclined at the tender age of two when he used to run, sing and dance to videos on TV. Trance began rapping at the age of five. He recorded backing vocal tracks to a tribute song to the Spurs entitled “We Got It” at the age of six! At the age of seven, he was featured on a father & son track entitled “Strife”, on an additional track entitled “I Feel Like A Cartoon!” and on “Walking With A Giant” which was a song dedicated to Mr. David Robinson! These recordings would represent the first appearance of Trance in a compilation CD which included various San Antonio artists. Trance has also recorded background vocals for several artists; he wanted to sharpen his skills in order to represent the view of positive and intelligent youth. “Anyone can curse. It’s the rapper that can tell you off without cursing that is truly talented”!

Trance will always insist that he is a poet who just happens to be good at rapping. He has been given “props” for his delivery and speed in the recording booth by notables as the recording engineer for such artists as Frankie J and Baby Bash! He can lay down a complete commercial ready track in one hour. Not all rappers can do that. Trance has performed at many venues containing crowds anywhere from 5 to 1500 people! With numerous recordings under his belt, Trance is constantly focused on trying to uplift youth by letting them know that anyone can make their dreams come true if they just work hard enough. Trance prides himself in always delivering a message through HipHop and always letting it be known that a young man can be smart, well spoken and undeniably talented. “I know many kids may not have the opportunity that I have or the supportive parents that I have, but there are many organizations and programs that are available to help us to be the best that we can be. If you feel strongly about something, just fight for it”!


"We Got It" (Single) (2001)
HipHop Flows (2003)
"Are You Ready" (Single) (2004)
"We Shut 'Em Down" (Single) (2006)

Set List

My sets are thirty minutes long and include the following tracks!:

1. "Crush"
2. "Candy Coated Kisses"
3. "Can't Nobody Do It Betta'"
4. "Rules Of The Game"
5. "Aaagghh!!!"
6. "I Feel Like A Cartoon!"