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Elvis Revisited (2006)
Opus Instrumentalus: Vibrations (2005)
JoyRide [Rocked Out Mix 2004] (Single)
Wander... Another Path - The Remixes (2004)
Strange Daze (2003) - as Blackman & the Butterfly
Wander (2003)
Runaway Revisited: Special Edition (2003)
Runaway: Special Edition (2003)
Opus Instrumentalus: Movie Musica - Music from the "Brothers Assassin" Soundtrack (2002)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Story So Far... A Brief Biography

Many call Trance Blackman 'prolific' simply because of his many styles of music creation, as displayed on most any CD he's released thus far. His eclectic mixes vary from pop, rock, dance, house, electronic, folk, traditional with a bit of retro (80's or even further back) thrown into the mix.

"I've always loved doing different styles. I listen to everything from Mozart to Rob Zombie to the Backstreet Boys, and even some Eminem, so it's tough to stick to one style. But when putting together an album, it's good to try keep to one or two styles that complement each other. That can be tricky, but with an objective - even more tricky - approach it's do-able."

Born in Kitchener, Ontario, Blackman's family moved, when he was all of one and a half years old, to the Okanagan Valley, in Canada's westernmost province of British Columbia. He grew up with all sorts of musical influences, including Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, a lot of 60's, 70's, and 80's popular music and European traditional music.

"I was the drummer for a little band that consisted of my dad, myself and either my uncle as lead singer, or a bass player who's second language was English, so you could imagine that most of the music we performed was not Canadian or American in origin. Many polkas, waltzes, 'disco' type traditional beats that come straight from the Slavic regions. I'm sure that it has no doubt influenced my music today, especially when it comes to melody, harmony and rhythm."

"I've known all my life that I'd succeed in music somehow. I didn't always know that I'd be writing my own music, but ever since I started (at the age of 15 or so) I haven't been able to stop. And people seem to quite enjoy it, as I do, so it only makes sense to work on sharing it with as many people as possible."

Aside from simply writing songs, TB has his own message that pervades much of his material. He's also an avid supporter of a 'positive mental state' of living and wants to spread the word, and 'spread the love'.

"Every artist has their own significant way of saying something that someone will hear when they need to. For example, when I first listened to John Lennon's Imagine, I knew immediately how it made me feel. It brought out certain emotions and thoughts like 'exactly... that's what I would say too!'. I have since remade that song in my own way too, because the message is something I strongly believe in. Everyone is the same, everyone is equal. Everyone is loved."

So who does he sound like? "Well, I've had people compare me to artists like Phil Collins, Savage Garden, Enrique Iglesias, George Michael and even Bon Jovi. I don't see that myself. But it's interesting to get that mixed feedback. With such a varied bag of comparisons, one might say I have a 'unique' sound!"

Trance is also pursuing an acting career, having participated in numerous independent feature films, both on and off camera, numerous short films and his own music video.

Trance is self-produced, meaning that he wears all the hats with regards to production on an album, including performing all the instruments & vocals. He occasionally will work with other instrumentalists and looks forward to doing more so on future projects.

"While being a control freak has its advantages, I know that I can't possibly play every instrument in a way that really gives a song that 'something special.' I've managed so far, but like anything else, when you try to keep raising the bar, you need to be humbled and realize that you can't always do it all yourself. In the end, the product or song or presentation will be that much stronger. The trick is then to find like-minded talents where you can 'gel' to make something beautiful even more so. I do love what I do."

"I have learned to largely trust the flow of life. Once a person makes the choice and truly decides what they want to accomplish, it's amazing how things just start coming together. I am thankful for all I have and can do. My hope is to send out the message of love in any form that is pertinent to the moment, in whatever style might fit that space. Music is fuel for the soul. I intend of doing my part for the world by being the best me I can be."