Trance Lady

Trance Lady

 McLean, Virginia, USA

The TV screenshot is the Trance Lady on Americas Got Talent 2013 (Yes 90 seconds!).The English-born Trance Lady is America's funniest hypnotist! Fasten your safety belts for this high-paced romp of extreme silliness and side-splitting laughter! The skits - imaginative, sexy, silly and ever-changing.


America's Funniest Hypnotist - Joanna Cameron, the English-born "Trance Lady" is a totally different hypnotist with unique-ever-changing-imaginative-hilarious-roll-on-the-floor-funny-skits. A comedy hypnosis show must be huge-energy-hysterically-funny and the audience must laugh "with" the performers rather than "at" them. Her show is a big hit on the college circuit and schools routinely invite her back!
Auditioning for Americas Got Talent was one of the best experiences of my life. No other hypnotist has made it as far on Americas Got Talent and a clip of me appeared on the first show. (screenshot is EPK lead photo). The whole TV audition process has really "pushed me" and my skills have advanced. I am one of the few hypnotists in the world who can do instant inductions on the "first pass." AGT is 90 seconds (and for me that is trance and a laugh!) so very few have even tried! I can do it. Watch the reaction on stage and the massive energy in the audience - demonstrated in the video. No other stage hypnotist uses hypnotic language patterns (Milton Erickson) for first-pass-fast induction. I can hypnotize people standing up - and safely drop them to the ground.

Here's what happens when I come to your college - no green room is needed! The very first person, who walks into the auditorium for the show will be hypnotized (if that is what they want). There is a show before the show! After the show, I ask if anybody wants to be hypnotized - and the 25 chairs always fill again. Every show that I do - I hypnotize an average of 75 persons!

Trance Lady has also been working on the pilot of a TV Reality Show in which she stars - about the power of the mind to heal the body. She has performed in 49 states, for the US Army and for major Fortune 500 companies. She has made two trips to Europe to perform for the US Army in Germany where she used her hypnotic skills with soldiers, suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her energy and enthusiasm are communicated to every audience.
Based on eleven years of experience as a hypnotherapist in McLean, Virginia, she has published her second book"Forget Diets, Plant Tomatoes"a metaphoric, hypnotic journey to stop emotional eating. The book won a Readers Favorite Silver Award at the prestigious 2011 Miami Book Festival. She is a collaborator on a published book with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley called "Stepping Stones to Success." Dr. Camerons chapter focuses on how to use your mind to conquer stress. She teaches change techniques to her clients, college students and corporations and works with the Innovators Group Inc. as a keynote speaker. She has a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a certified trainer of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP.

The Trance Lady is widely followed on Youtube with an average of 2,000 views a day - and check out her hypnotic downloads on Itunes. If you want to stop smoking then download her "Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis" on Itunes or on her website.



There is one hypnotic mp3 download available. Never listen to this while behind the wheel of a vehicle or operating heavy machinery. You can find other downloads in the Itunes store - type in Trance Lady. If you are in the wrong space or emotional state - these downloads will change your thinking.

Set List

Trance Lady's show is one hour but can go one and half hours. Workshops on stress reduction are typically longer duration.