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Madrid, Madrid, Spain | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Madrid, Madrid, Spain | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band World EDM




"advanced primitive music"

TranceUntes shake the dance floor armed with a didjeridoo, and harmonium, a hang drum and other very strange instruments
There is nothing better than a ready-made word to attract the attention of hunters of new music trends. This is one of those, no doubt, because let´s see who dares to define the style that TranceUntes master: electronic music without DJ, no loops, no programmed elements, and no digital waves. 90-minute nonstop sets, equipped with bizarre analogic instruments: a didjeridoo, an harmonium, a hang drum, carcasheps -those bereber metalic castanets-, a timbila, a spring from a Renault 5 and, if the chance arises, a saw. In three words: "Advanced Primitive Music'.
And at full speed, but interpreting note by note, straight up, the music of TranceUntes is 100% muscle and analogic vibration, somewhere between house, techno and progressive, with traces of cylindrical wood and an open range of metals and percussions. “I hope nobody expects ethnic rhythms”, band co-founder Juan Laguna informs.
TranceUntes have hit the target of Internet viral action with the launch of several videos. On Friday they are launching their first album, Playing, in Kapital (21 h). It will be “the spontaneous party every night bird would like to come across to shake off the oxide", he claims. And without DJ, “who we impersonate, suffering and sweating on the stage, taking distance from that figure of guru often presented as a master of ceremony, who nobody knows where he is getting the sounds from”, says Laguna.
Other of the peculiarities of this quintet of “advanced primitive music” (that is how they define themselves) is that all the set if run in the same tonality –around the note C in which Laguna´s didgeridoo is tuned. He will be joined on the stage by Javier Castiñeiras (drums), Dani Salorio (harmonium, carcasheps, hang drum & percussion), Mito Cavaquiño (bass and effects) and Carlos Leal (guitar and Midi guitar), and on this occasion also by Brianda Fitz-James Stuart, with the saw (and it is not the first time). Quite a posh touch. And watch out, the album –in luxury crafted edition- has been produced by Juni Ramone, usual collaborator of Carlos Jean.
Between their first steps in 2011, and this Friday´s concert in Kapital Theatre (Atocha, 125), TranceUntes gather a colorful career, including a tour in South Africa and Mozambique. In noisy Johannesburg they played in the best venue in town, Bassline. They also played in Fucha electronic music festival and several raves. And in Maputo they were joined by famous timbilist Cheny Wa Gune. This summer we have seen them in various venues in Madrid, in the last Gay Pride 2013 and more recently in Vogue Fashion Week.
TranceUntes. Friday 4th October in Kapital Theatre (Atocha 125, Madrid), at 21 h. Entry with invitation: RSVP to
Listen to our playlist in Spotify: - el mundo

"2014 surprise"

Hypnotic Psychedelic Electro Acoustic Dance Music: that is how they define their music. Watch out for this interesting band that plays dance music without electronic instruments, using guitar, bass, drums, harmonium, percussion, didjeridoo (the hypnotic ancestral instrument from Australia) and other instruments of the so-called “world music” –in which the members are experts. The result is incredible and effective, music with a solid base, with body, it reaches you quickly and makes you dance. Techno, house, trance, electro: tribal and credible, authentic and different. Organic music for the dance floor, so brilliant that you will not believe it has not been programmed or sampled: it is music done by performers in real time, totally live. It is new and original. Let us hope they set an example. TranceUntes are definately the surprise of the year. For adventurous djs. - dj mag


Still working on that hot first release.



The band TranceUntes (TU) was formed in 2010 by a chance meeting between unconventional musicians . The first members , Laguna , Mito and Salorio , were engaged in an intense professional activity that led to Africa numerous times ; Laguna as Afro Flamenco Festival producer and Salorio and Mito during intense years of touring and recording with the percussion band Livika . Later on, Castieiras and Leal join in, having been part with them in other musical adventures like Bereberia.
Initially the band had a vocalist, Boa, and some songs and videos are produced. Boa soon leaves the group and goes to Ibiza. The band is now ready for a new approach.
Making non conventional music is what they had in mind from the beginning. Their many experiences with unusual instruments , originating from different parts of the world, defined partly the approach. Universal music with a rhythm that everyone understands . They want to defy djs as dance gurus. TU is not an electronic or ethnic band but the hypnotic sounds and textures hooks people from the beginning and makes them dance . The combination of Didjeridoo ( Australia ), the harmonium (India ), the djembe ( African ), the Timbila (Mozambique ) or midi guitar result in a very rich dance music with acoustic instruments, which intoxicates the senses and forces you to enjoy concerts from the first note . In 2012 after numerous concerts in Spain , began a tour of South Africa and Mozambique. They act in Johannesburg , Cape Town and different towns . In 2013, after two years of touring and rehearsals they decide its time for a recording. Playing is their first album , produced by Juni Ramone , a regular contributor to Carlos Jean .

Filmmaker, producer of music festivals in Africa and musician. He starts the Bereberia music festival held in the dunes of Erg Chebbi , Morocco. Directs the documentary film Princess of Africa, winner of over 25 international awards. Creates and produces Afroflamenco festivals at Dakar (Senegal ) and Soweto (South Africa). Programmer for the St Louis Jazz Festival (Senegal). Works regularly with renown musicians like Raimundo Amador , Bebe , Tommy, Jorge Pardo , Javier Colina , Jerry Gonzalez , Cheny Na Guye, Madou Sidiki Diabat , Chrif Soumano , Cheikh Baye Fall, Omar Pene or Yousou N'Dour . Cofounder of TranceUntes, he plays Didjeridoo and percussion and leads the live show. He also directs the videos for the band. He is founder and director of the production company Bereberia .

Guitarist, composer and arranger. Currently touring with Canteca de Macao , Ogun Afrobeat , and TranceUntes . He is a regular of the best jam sessions in the capital, and is one of the few guitarists who works with MIDI. His original style,versatility and passion make this ravishing young musician a sonic jewel , sought by the best producers.
Co-founder and co-director of percussion group Livika DRUM EXPERIENCE and current co-director of the production company LIVIKA PRODUCTIONS. Daniel is a self-taught musician; he learned percussion in different parts of the world like Cuba , Brazil, Morocco , India ... His fondness for ethnic sounds and instruments is all over the sound identity of the band .

Sound passionate, bassist, guitarist, and electronic gadgets . His Irish and Galician blood 'poisons' everything he touches . He's done many a thing in the world of music. AR at music labels as well as Road Manager for Rita Marley, or the late Willy Deville. Engineered several albums and music producer for film and tv. He co-directs, along with his mate Daniel Salorio, the percussion oriented LIVIKA PRODUCTIONS.

Precision drummer and owner of Tukutupra Recording Studio in Madrid. He has collaborated with numerous artists both live and as a session musician. He has worked on numerous electronic music projects and created a Music School at his facilities. Drum teacher at Utopicus, Madrid


Multi instrumentalist and Macadamia producer . He started as a guitarist with the North Marion Jazz Band and later as drummer and percussionist in Cuba with teacher Marvin Diz . Music Professor by the Autonomous University of Madrid, he does production duties in bands like El Combo Linga , Unidos do Zueh Zum , El Tio Calambres , Braindead Zero, etc ... He has worked with artists such as Bebe, Hanna, Lucrecia and Luis Vives. Currently working with Carlos Jean as an artist and co -producer .