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We have begun to do Musical healing perfromances.
It is very rewarding to play to small groups and do guided imagery sessions for medium size groups- 30 to 50 people.
Tranquilicity is entertaining, healthful and relaxing.


The Music is mellow and organic with thoughtful words and a positive message.
Tranquilicity is an experience that is not unique but still something just a bit different.
Using a 12 string acoustic guitar, the natural sounds of running water and a soothing voice, we have created an experience that is both Entertaining and Healthful.
Tranquilicity is rooted in "New Age" concepts with a bit of a Folk Music touch. First performed over 20 years ago, Dan has found Tranquilicity to be an interesting break from his first Love- Electric Rock and Roll.
Tranquilicity is not just Music but in fact a Journey to a place in your mind where you can always find Peace and Tranquility.
Tranquilicity Live can be tailored to include almost any "message" of Love and Happiness, Rest and Relaxation.


Free Your Mind

Written By: Dan McNicholas

Lullaby my child
Close your eyes and sleep awhile
Feel the Love inside you
Warm your soul

Lullaby my Love
Take your place with the stars above
You have Love inside you
Don't you know

So close your eyes and look inside
You will find
You can sleep and dream desire
When You free your mind

Lullaby my friend
The morning comes and we begin again
It's another day another way to be kind

Lullaby your mind
If you seek you are sure to find
When you open up your eyes
Love will shine

So close your eyes and look inside
You will find
You can sleep and dream desire
When You free your mind


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Tranquilicity to Sleep

Set List

"Tranquilicity Live" is a guided Imagery performance that takes you to the "Pool of Tranquility". First we play a couple of Thoughtful and Uplifting songs, then we talk about Life, Stress, Health and the methods available to seek and maintain Life Balance and Healthy Happiness. Next we play a mellow soothing guitar and guide the listener to a place inside, to Relax and Heal, naturally and organically.
"Tranquilicity to Sleep" helps those of us with sleep and rest challenges to Relax and attain Peaceful, Blissful Sleep.

1. "Tranquilicity"
2. "Tranquilicity to Sleep"
3. "Free Your Mind"
4. "Saplings"
5. "Close My Eyes"