Transatlantic Zodiac Band

Transatlantic Zodiac Band


Born on the eve of 2008, the Transatlantic Zodiac Band combine surfscapes with a wanton groove. Born in city gutters, they function as a fume filter. Answering to no one, the Transatlantic Zodiac band are the color in which you dawned. Acid Bossa Ganutlets, Gypsy Jazz disfunctions, Surf Sanction.


gypsy pirate rock. formed from necessity. daughter of a wolf and wallpaper. god is suffering from a lack of sleep.

Transatlantic Zodiac Band build each song to represent a different facet of their eccentric mix of influences. Never satisfied to settle on a specific genre or style, they can switch to a rabid, hard rock version of a bossa, to a blues infested epic, gypsy stained pop, or asylum affected dance. our story is like every other story; don't worry about it, come out to the show.

Set List

The Heist
Face to Face
Students of War
The Ransom
Stained Glass
Your Broken Smile
North County
A Letter in Blue

Three Hours of music.