Transcarlet is pure enjoyable musical fun. on stage we bring a passionate, up beat good time. We love to reach out to youth and share our experiances with through our music. All the members have a heart for god and have devoted there time to the band. We would love to show you what weve got!!


Transcarlet Biography

Transcarlet is a four man group from the Pacific Northwest performing original songs in a power-acoustic rock style.

Transcarlet started one afternoon in early 2009. Ryan had approached Chris about being in Chris’s band (which at the time consisted of some chords and words). They met in the shed of one Steve Martin. They drove a big, green van. They hashed out ideas. They drank lots of coffee.

Chris landed a show at the “legendary” Thurston County Fair. It was all very exciting, but it left them with two weeks to actually find members and become a real band. Chris called his cousin TJ for bass support, and the multi-talented Brian Russell for percussive support on hand drums. Ryan preferred the idea of having real drums, and roped Tim into playing the show. They hopped in the van, drove five-hundred miles, practiced five hours and played at five o’clock to a raucous crowd of fourteen.

Since that time Transcarlet has journeyed through recording sessions, produced a four song EP titled, “Intercostal”, and preformed their music for audiences spanning generations. Transcarlet drew its artistic sound from various bands such as U2, Cold Play, Death Cab For Cutie, Keane, and much more

This is Transcarlet. This music is for you, even if you’re the only one we’re playing to. We soar on the raw, open, and occasionally somber tones of Ryan Felbinger. We resonate in the deep, unabashed flair of TJ Burch. We pulse on the rhythm and heart of Tim Elliott. And in that space stands Chris Akers with a handful of words and a mouthful of melodies. We are shameless in the pursuit of hope and heart. Come share this journey with us. We don’t know the way of the road, but we know it’s leading home.

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Intercostal EP

1 . Cher Ami
2. Laughter
3. Marianas
4. Samuel

Set List

• Cher Ami :
• Samuel : 3min 32sec
• Laughter : 3min 40sec
•Touch The Void : 3 min 24
•Grand Father Twilight : 5 min
• Marianas : 3min 51sec
•Chasing Shadows : 5 min
• Sister Song : 3 min 20 sec
• Earth Tones : 2min
• In Case of Rain : 5 min 30 sec
• Eden : 3 min 20 sec
• Words : 4 min 15 min
• Pemeberton : 3 min 10 sec
• Let It Out 4 min 30