We are a blend of angry, heavier punk rock that showcases guitar leads as much as driving rhythms. We reflect influences of all styles of punk while creating our own. Take a listen and hear for yourself.


The four of us bring all different styles and influences to the band, giving us the ability to create our own style of punk. Located in a scene of midlife punks, we stand out due to our young age (ranged 16-19 yrs. old) but at the same time obtain respect from our older counterparts by showing the same amount of experience and tenacity. With only two years of history, we look forward to the years to come, allowing tours and releases to help spread our music. As for the style, the music speaks for itself.


Nothing Comes Free (2006)
S/T (Due 2009)

Set List

"Building Bombs & Burning Bridges"
"The Match"
"Don't Be Shy"
"Go fish, asshole."
"Good Intentions Aren't Good Enough"

All songs are originals. Average set length: 20-30 min.