A heavy rock band whose songs are built with pop sensibility and mixed elements of punk rock to create a dirty, aggressive sound.


TRANSIENT is an original, four piece rock band from Raleigh, NC. Formed in 2003, TRANSIENT has steadily been gaining fans and media attention. With the addition of Cary Rowells on bass and Chris Nolan on guitar, along with original members, vocalist/guitarist Dave Dorsey and drummer Steve Smith, the current TRANSIENT line up is stronger than ever. With a pending summer '07 release recorded with producer Dick Hodgin at renowned Osceola Studios, the band is looking forward to a busy year. With influences ranging from Kyuss, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age to The Toadies, Melvins & Faith No More, this music is NOT for anyone looking for sound-alike, cookie cutter rock!


3-song Demo
5-song EP

Set List

All The Way
6 Million
Black Eye
From Where The Sun Now Stands
That's Just That
Leave This Town
She Said No
What's Coming Next
The "C" Song
Big Jalepeno
Parasite Drag

Hurricane - Kyuss
No Attention - Soundgarden
Regular John - Queens of the Stone Age

Set lengths up to 1.5 hours