Transient Frank

Transient Frank


Psychedelic - Groovin' - Nebula - Hog Funk.........You know......The hip shakin' and funk makin' kind.


Who is Transient Frank? TF, from Indianapolis, is the one and only Psychedelic Groovin' Nebula Hog Funk. Psychedelic because TF's music draws upon the ambiance and vibe of 70's psychedelic rock and funk in a harmonious melding of both old and new. Groovin' because the rhythms and grooves of TF are of the hip shakin' and funk makin' kind. Nebula because the spectrum of styles and influence that comes through in the TF sound is that which is difficult to pin down. It is nebulous yet distinct. Finally, the only way to understand the Hog Funk is to attend a live TF show. The Hog Funk is the funk rockin' party that TF brings to every show, 3-eyed pig style.

TF has had the honor of sharing the bill with artists such as Jack Straw, Vince Welnick, The Breakfast (formerly Psychedelic Breakfast), Chris Shaffer (formerly of The Why Store), Galactic, G. Love & Special Sauce, Umphrey’s McGee, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Chris Robinson’s New Earth Mud, Los Lonely Boys, The Greyhounds, The B-52s, REO Speedwagon, Jazz Mandolin Project, Zen Tricksters, Marc Broussard, Mike Doughty, and many other great acts. Currently, TF is working on their second full-length album and continues to keep a busy live show schedule throughout the Midwest.


"A.M.O.U.I." - 2001 Studio Demo recorded with Jarren Benson at The Lodge in Indianapolis, IN

"Indy MP3 Project" featuring "Diggin' to China/China Thang" - 2003 studio track recorded with Steve Hurt at Floodstage Studio

* TF Live Archive available in downloadable audio at

*Coming Soon*
"Walk it in the dark" - full-length album recorded at Surf Records and engineered by Ben Elmore.

Set List

Between an extensive repertoire of originals and covers, TF has about 4 hours of music that may be played live. Typical sets are 45 minutes to an hour, and TF often plays 2 and 3 set shows. TF originals range in feel from pure rock to funk to intricate, nearly prog-esque, melodic compositions. TF's list of covers reveals a hint of the ecclectic nature of their music. Covers ranging from Michael Jackson to Rage Against The Macine, Doobie Brothers to Pink Floyd, and Grateful Dead to Rush allow for a spectrum of live sound across the board. In conjunction with this diverse sound, the real live show is the party that TF brings to every set. Every night is Mardi Gras and every show is a funk-rockin' good time.

Original Songs:
Down The Sky
Fallin' On The Flo
Lazy Susan
Lester Holt
Mushroom Cake
No Left Turn
Saliva Sativa
Some Things Bounce
The Amazing Tale of Jupiter
The Return of Jupiter
The Big Monad
The Sasquatch
Water Into Wine