Transient Noise

Transient Noise


You must hear and see this fresh “New Millennium” rock band. Unique style of creative energy leaves you with the feeling you were on stage with them.


Everyone always wants to know what band does Transient Noise sound like? What kind of music do they play?
Well, the answers to those questions are; Transient Noise does not really sound like any other group and as far as the kind of music… you will have to be the judge of that.

Therefore, until you have the opportunity to experience Transient Noise yourself, what we can tell you is, Transient Noise are a unique fusion of seductive melodic harmonies with complex aggressive rhythms. Toronto-based rock quartet Transient Noise has managed to turn the stiffest of heads. Their journey has gone from being in the studio with Alex Lifeson to live performances in the metro Toronto area, and have received stellar reviews. Transient Noise has just finished recording some new and exciting material bringing their repertoire to new heights.

The four members derive from very diverse musical backgrounds resulting in a fresh new sound, unfamiliar to modern day music. Their unique talents combine to form a wide range of unusual sonic combinations and songwriting ideas to create a resonance all of its own.

Transient Noise is one of those bands that are on the “Must See” “Must Hear” list for industry executives and the public at large. Transient Noise is fast becoming a buzz-word in the industry as a band that should be experienced. Transient Noise has proven to be worthy of the listeners' sensory experiences due to the intense musical arrangements and a spectacular live show that has been planting the seeds for their assured success.

Singer/songwriter Arron Reed turns his emotions inside out, intensely personal, painful, and undeniably real, his words are a sheer translation of the raw emotion bound within. However, the anguish of love is not the only reoccurring subject throughout his manifestations. "Our personal experiences outside of the band make us stronger as friends, and has a tremendous impact within the outcome of our music", explains the multi-faceted songwriter. Life and relationships are the central themes behind most of his lyrical compositions. Songs like "The Place" tread through the waters of discovery in a world full of love and passion. "I Could Never" takes us to another rhythmic level in the quest for everlasting love and, an understanding for an even deeper transmigration into the realities of true happiness.
Guitarist/vocalist Joel Waznicky is responsible for much of the surrealistic ambience found in all of the arrangements. Joel draws on diverse influences from Jeff Buckley, Franz Liszt and A Perfect Circle. He has developed a unique and energetic sound, which is a major contribution to the new compositions.
The backbone of this fierce quartet is comprised of classically trained drummer Ian Macchiusi who was hooked on jazz and blues at the tender age of 9. Ian brings energy to the band that is second to none and stays in the pocket.
Bassist Justin Phillips, has achieved the painstaking technique necessary for him to achieve true greatness as a player. The bottom that Justin brings to the sound, coupled with Ian’s solid timing, together produce a thick rhythmic foundation for the rich and in-your-face tones of the two guitars. Justin is also the creator and web master for the bands web site. Justin has garnered the “Golden Web Award – 2002-2003” and is listed on the “Coolest Designs” web site. His creativity shows in his artistic abilities as well as his music.
All band members are quick to credit one another as their main source of inspiration; it's their group dynamics that make them tick. The future for Transient Noise is, as always upwards and onwards; every performance gives them more shape and form and will provide the band with the avenue to tour nationally. Who knows what's next!
You can check out what's new and current at their online presence by going to the bands award winning web site. Once you are there you will find a wealth of information, photos, music clips, and chat forums with the group and more. Subscribe and be notified via e-mail about up-coming shows and events.

As the band continues to evolve, creating new and innovative music to add to their ever-growing repertoire, Transient Noise continues to earn the respect and adoration of music lovers. We hope to see you at the next TRANSIENT NOISE show!


Samples of tracks are available from the website

Set List

Sets can run from 30 - 90 mins. depending on the promoter or venue requirements