Transient Songs

Transient Songs


Stately psychedelia and sparsely arranged strains. Rich guitar work that center around introspective and impressionistic lyrics. The music of Transient Songs transcends specific genres and dwells in its own etheriality.


Cave Syndrome is the first LP by Seattle based Transient Songs. Before departing to Seattle, Frum spent his formative years playing in a slew of obscure bands in Texas from fronting 90’s North Texas cult band Hasslehorse to a stint behind the drums for Dallas punkers Hagfish (whose members went on to play with tweenie heroes Rise Against and Texas icons the Toadies). After tiring of playing with a handful of local Seattle bands, Frum had the familiar pressing urge to start writing again and set up rag tag studios in the back rooms and basements of his rented homes in and around Seattle. After meeting Lawrence transplant bassist and multi instrumentalist Jimmy Andrews (Pomonas), the two realized they both shared an affinity for 70’s psychedelic rock and Transient Songs released their first EP: the delicate yet feedback laden Plantation to Your Youth in 2008 to a string of positive reviews that compared the sound to the vibe of Pink Floyd with the density and disorienting fuzz of Jesus and The Mary Chain.

As the first songs for the full length were being written and recorded, Frum shattered his right humerus bone in an accident and brought the recording process to a grinding halt for five painful months. As the winter wore on, isolation and a series of tragic personal and psychological events dug an even deeper hole that seemed harder and harder to crawl out of slowing the recording down more. Frum continued writing and recording, bringing in other musicians as needed. There was an important catharsis in the process of writing and recording that served as a primary source of sanctity during this time. Recording for the album started in late 2008 and wrapped up late 2009.

Although traces of the garage psychedelia that litter the EP exist on the new release, Cave Syndrome is a grander musical departure: more cohesive instrumentation, adornments of cello and violin add a richer texture and mood, layers of sonic murk and snarling guitars are traded for 12 strings and more melodic guitar parts. Dense melodic tracks sit side by side with sparse arrangements. At the core of it all Cave Syndrome is a series of aural images from a transformative period in Frum's life that he considers as important lyrically as sonically. Although recorded by Frum and Andrews primarily at home in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, Frum acknowledges his engineering limitations and the album benefits sonically from being mixed at Two Sticks studios in Seattle by engineer Michael Benjamin Lerner and mastered by longtime go to mastering guru and friend Chris Hanzsek.


Platation to Your Youth EP (2008)
Cave Syndrome (LP 2010)

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30 minutes