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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"featured musician"

"...bangin' beats and attention-demanding lyrical spittin'. ATL back in da houuusee!" -


Through Soundwaves and Solitude - latest CD
"Mass Hysteria" b/w "LOST" ft. DJ Lord - single
Transistor Fist - self-titled CD
"Erection" b/w "Who" and "Astrologic" - 12" single
"Gotta' Live" b/w "Ominous" - 12" single



Atlanta-based hip-hop duo Transistor Fist fuses a punk mentality with a hip-hop sensibility. The group focuses on “socio-personal awareness” within an aggressive, but melodic hip-hop context. Not defining itself through generic conventions, Tha GoodSon and Senator Bret Boogie offer dynamic production and assertive lyricism to create an authentic, but radical take on hip-hop.

Melding new production techniques with older beat making traits and an appreciation for traditional song writing and arrangement, Transistor Fist’s music recently appeared on Speed TV’s “Unique Whips” program and MTV‘s TRL. The group also scored the soon-to-be-released “One Light Workshop” DVD.

BACKGROUND: Transistor Fist emerged in early 2002 with a 12” vinyl release. The first in the “Imperial Element” single series, “Gotta’ Live” b/w “Ominous” secured airplay at college radio around the U.S. and was supported by the country‘s most respected DJ pools. A concise and unique single, it marked the group’s future directions.

“Erection” b/w “Who” and “Astrologic” followed the next year in anticipation of a full-length release. The self-titled debut LP emerged soon and struck a chord with the avant-garde underground sect. The album explored a range of styles, tempos and timbers offering a well-rounded statement.

THE NEW ALBUM: Through Soundwaves and Solitude offers a more concise and tighter viewpoint. With all songs hovering around the three-minute mark, the group jumps into the track and right back out, covering the theme succinctly and moving on quickly. A solid, punk mentality emerges from the musical outbursts which promote the album’s themes while streamlining the definition of the group and it’s ideas.