Transistor Rodeo

Transistor Rodeo


Whiskey soaked, smart, lyrical roots-rock that will fill your mind, touch your heart and shake your ass.


Transistor Rodeo is pure Americana. Not only does Transistor Rodeo write and perform catchy, heartfelt tunes, but they deliver them with an intensity and immediacy not often found in their genre. T.R. writes intelligent songs with great, rootsy, pop hooks and thoughtful lyrics.

Although Transistor Rodeo has often been compared to other, so-called “alt-country” and “twang rock” acts those comparisons only scratch the surface of the band’s ability to create a unique atmosphere that mixes Zen-like transcendence with zesty, southern bar-b-que.

In 1996, Bob Jordan (lead vocals and guitar) and Doug Goldberg (guitar) started working together just to see how they would work as a song-writing team. They were soon penning vocals at a break-neck speed and it quickly became apparent that they would need a full band to complete their vision. Tim Reeder (drums and vocals), Joe McClure (bass and vocals), and Judy Burke (violin and vocals) were recruited to create Transistor Rodeo. The members of Transistor Rodeo have their origins in such varied places as Kentucky, Delaware, Ohio, and Brooklyn but they all share a love of music that both moves people and makes a statement.

Transistor Rodeo finished its first CD, “Plastic Palomino”, in 1997 and started playing gigs around Philadelphia. The band’s spirited stage performance and dusty, heart-felt tunes quickly started getting attention. Soon they were packing saloons and the CD was selling briskly.

Bob and Doug continued writing tunes between shows and, in April 1999, Transistor Rodeo began recording a second CD. That CD, “White Trash Honeymoon”, was recorded and mixed in an actual barn in Media, PA at the cost of $500.00. It has become Transistor Rodeo’s landmark work. “White Trash Honeymoon” contains 10 songs (chosen from 20 written for the album), that move from straight-out “twang rock” to soft, “California sound” ballads; all while maintaining an incredible sense of continuity. Every song on the CD sounds like it belongs there. “White Trash Honeymoon” was completed and released in March, 2000.

During the recording of “White Trash Honeymoon”, the band signed with A.I.R. Records; a Philadelphia-based independent label. A.I.R. set up local and world-wide distribution for both CDs via the Internet. See:

Transistor Rodeo is currently working on a new CD, “Goin’ Out in Style” which is to release on June 6th 2006 (6/6/06, hmm sign of the devil…interesting…) and is continuing to play a heap of gigs. Check out their live act and buy a CD. You’ll be glad you did!


"Plastic Palamino" 1997
"White Trash Honeymoon" 2000
"Goin' Out in Style" 2006

Set List

We typically do 40 - 45 minute sets of original music, perhaps 1 cover thrown in per set. We do anywhere between one and three sets depending on the venue. We don't have a stock set list, preferring to change the set list each gig. Our original repertoire consists of over 70 songs.