Transistor Tramps

Transistor Tramps


Mainly influenced by 60's, 70's, and 80's Pop, Post Punk, New Wave Transistor Tramps combines the , Alternative, Electro, Dance,Rock Styles, to create tunes that will make you dance ,cry and think all at the same time.


The Transistor Tramps is a quintet from Dallas/Fort Worth. Elle Hurley, Richard Hurley and David Sebrind formed the band in March of 2008 after completing the local Indy film ‘Bloodwine’. They knew they had to take the project on a more serious level and turn it into a band.

Band Members are

David Sebrind-Synths and Programing
Dissonance, Tea for Two, Slick Lady Six

Richard Hurley-Guitars
Blood of the Sun, Pee Pee, 3 Men and a Baby Jesus, Stoogeaphilia

Elle Hurley-Vocals
Murder 13, Trend Kill Clinic, Slick Lady SIx

Brian Shaw-Drums and percussion
Panther City Bandits, Howling Dervishes, Chuck Rose, Vinegar

Jamie Myers-Bass Guitar
Hammers of Misfortune, Flies on Flesh

They played their debut show at Dallas's "Curtain Club"in the summer of 2008 since they have opend for bands such as

Opus Dai of LA @Ridglea Theater in Ft. Worth Tx

Designer Drugs of NYC @ Head Hunters in Austin TX,

Girl In A Coma of San Antonio @ House of Blues Dallas Tx

Evoking the sounds of their compiled backgrounds you will hear undertones of 60's 70’s and 80’s progressive, pop, new wave, and last but definitely not least rock.

Their self-titled debut album is due out in 2010. Their music has appeared in one feature length film (Bloodwine) and one short film (The Perfect Partner). The dance remix of “Pleased to Meet You” can also be heard in rotation in clubs throughout the US i.e. Panopticon in Dallas, TX and Club Orpheus in Baltimore, Md.

"Yeah we're "That Band" Notoriously insane, definitely Different but we'll make you shake your rear-end a little, think a little and definitely feel a little. The Proof is in the music we put out into this place we call "The World" ...Our goal? Well its to come to every town we can to be your musical slaves..... And maybe just maybe you'll buy a t-shirt to help hurtle us in the direction of yet another town."


Bloodwine(movie- Winner best makeup 2008 Annahiem Film Festival)
Transistor Tramps (Self Titled Debut LP)

Set List

(original works)
Botox Beauties
Pleased to meet you
As the beat goes down
Asylum Habitual
Quit yer Bitchen
A moment of Clearity
Jakie Boy
In time
Captivate me
3 Little Monkeys