Transit Authority

Transit Authority


Resurrected, renewed and revived Transit Authority is back on the scene bringing the raw sounds of smooth jazz to the heart of music lovers everywhere.


True survivors of the music industry Transit Authority has clearly benefited not only from endless practices honing their craft, fortifying relationships with one another, but a genuine curiosity about the creative approach of their predecessors. Bands like Fourplay and Spyra Gyra continue to lay the blue print for what real jazz is. “Musically and creatively we try to extend our bounds as far as we can.


Transit Authority Released There first CD (On Track)
in June 2008. 225@5 is a track Radio stations play nation wide.

Set List

45 min to an hour sets that encludes songs from new CD On-Track. The band plays covers from old Spyro Gyra,Gerald Albright and Marion Meadows.