Transit Authority

Transit Authority

 Aurora, Colorado, USA

Resurrected, renewed and revived Transit Authority is back on the scene bringing the raw sounds of smooth jazz to the heart of music lovers everywhere.


When playing together itÂ’s as if music is a conversation between them and they are talking like never before. Appreciating what the crowd has to say Transit Authority has enjoyed watching fellow jazz enthusiast receive them with open arms while playing at local night clubs and music festivals.


Transit Authority CD Release June 26th 2008
CD On Track

Set List

1. On Track------4 min
2. 225@5-------4 min
3. Chanda Song------4 min
4. Better Late Than Never----6 min
5. TA Blues------5min
6. Mass Transit----4 min
7. Tia-----5 min
8. Tell Me again----5 min
9. Detour-----3 min