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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"Transit Belle's Dead on a Vine is slathered with smart, aggressively catchy rock.
The trio's energetic, noisy sound should be a hit with the unisex tight-jeans-wearing crowd." - Time Out NY

"Dead On A Vine - Review"

Transit Belle is back once again, full of strut and showmanship and everything that makes rock - well, rock...Dead On A Vine, is chock full of everything from straight-ahead rockers to assertive brassiness. Thankfully for us, Transit Belle doesn't mind teasing and twisting their image into until it's a new animal - not cheesy, but a knowing, over-the-top homage to the past blended with a
sound that's clearly comfortable in the present. If you're looking for a sneer and a self-knowing
wink in your music, you need look no further than Transit Belle...
- The Deli Magazine

"Dead On A Vine - Review"

"Fortunately, Transit Belle is no mere imitator and has enough talent to back up their name-dropping. Borrowing from (and then tweaking) '70s stoner rock, punk and grunge, the band churns out a sound that you can almost put your finger on - until the next track throws you for a loop...based on these five songs, Transit Belle is poised for something big." - SPLENDID Magazine

"Self Titled EP - Review"

"Rock! Right off the bat. Sounds like an old school British punk rock band with a contemporary major label mix to it, but that's in a great way that I mean it. You know how sometimes you can get into a habit of listening to a lot of new music all the time, and nothing seems good anymore? Well Transit Belle is a saviour, and a bold reminder that there is hope in the myriad of mundane music that's out there. Vocals are cool in the style of Bob Pollard, Jeremy Enick, and that dude from the Libertines. Overall just a great mix of bold bass lines, flavourful guitar, and tantalizing drums that don't try to be extremely flashy, but holds your attention like a deer in the headlights; and maybe that's because...gee let me think, maybe because these guys know how to write a song? Yeah, I think so." - Storyline Records

"Self Titled EP - Review"

"It's rock with a punk edge. Lots of energy and grit, packed with attitude." - South Of Mainstream


Self Titled EP - Released 2003
1. Buried Lazy
2. Moonpie Evidence
3. Gone Rotary
4. Goliath
5. Chemikalian

Dead On A Vine - Released 2005

1. Peacocks and Dobermans
2. Captain V
3. (You Will Address Me As) Commander
4. While You Wait
5. Mango Chutney
6. The Regimen
7. The Battle of The Chins


Feeling a bit camera shy


Taking their name from a WWII U.S. Air Force bomber, Transit Belle formed in 2002 in New York City. Like a Zeppelin-meets-Fugazi brush fire, Transit Belle weaves big hooks and intense, muscular beats.

Their self-titled debut EP is the result of their 2003 collaboration with legendary engineer Steve Albini. With Albini’s ability to harness the same big sound of their live shows, the EP highlights the best of those sessions.

In January 2005 the band released their second EP, Dead on A Vine, on Chinsmen Records.