The Transit Cura

The Transit Cura

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

Semi-Heavy Indie Rock In The Sky With Diamonds....with a live show you won't forget.


Five-piece alternative rock band, The Transit Cura, is erupting in the San Antonio, Texas music scene with a heavy indie rock sound, with a bit of psychedelic flair. They have blazed through their six month career as a band, having opened for national touring bands, Kinch, and Lydia, and international act, Oh So Quiet, of Guilford, England. Every live performance by the band is driven by the unique energy, showmanship, and personality of each member. Their set is an exchange of energy between the band and the audience, who are left with a feeling of not just attending a show, but being a part of The Transit Cura live experience.

The amount of success the band has had in a short period of time is the result of the ambition they have as young artists, and their shared desire to make an impact with the music they create. The breadth and depth of their music is a product of their years studying music in various settings, and they have collaborated to create a unique music signature that appeals to many different types of music lovers.


The Luxury EP-2011

Set List

-Its Getting Colder
-Break of Day
-Misused and Confused
-Journal Entry
-Wake Up