Transit Method

Transit Method

 Austin, Texas, USA

Transit Method is an eclectic rock n' roll band rooted in classic rock and grunge. The band creates a unique flavor of music with live shows fueled by high energy songs and wild improvisations.


Transit Method is a power rock trio that was founded in the suburbs of New Jersey by two brothers, Matt and Mike LoCoco, in 2010. The band released one LP before relocating to Austin, TX where they released an EP and an additional LP before recruiting bassist Danny Cruz Borja, Jr. The group has toured the Northeast and played with bands including the Tea Club, District 97, Bobaflex, Wheatus, and Blessid Union of Souls and actively performed live in Austin and San Antonio including an ACL Aftershow with The Sword and Ringo Deathstarr and performances with local heroes Opposite Day and Invincible Czars. Transit Method most recently took part in an original documentary feature entitled “If You Don’t Love It, Change It” where they filmed their first music video. Transit Method’s newest full length album “Celebrate Mutations” offers a fresh and new sonic approach and have come into their own as a power trio pioneering a sound that is an organized chaos of grunge, funk, progressive and psych elements.  A difficult band to classify, the group’s adventurous compositions are soaked with razor sharp riffs, fiery guitar leads and powerful vocals all anchored by galloping lead bass grooves and intricate, bombastic drumming. Their live show is not to be missed.


Celebrate Mutations (LP) - 2014

Spectrum (EP) - 2013

Spun Into The Fabric (LP) - 2011

Set List

The set list varies night to night. Set lists are posted on our website in the "shows" section next to each show: