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"Reveiw of Bitter Sweet Love"

Artist: Transit Of Venus
Album: Bitter Sweet Love EP
Released: 2009
Reviewer: Colgate
Rating: 4/5

Hands up class if you miss New Zealand band Tadpole? You know, the ones that had the heavy rock sound with hits Number 1, and Alright? Well ,I have a slight shiver going up my spine and its not because of the fucking cold weather happening at the moment (ok, I admit, maybe the cold weather is playing a factor), Transit of Venus have the wow factor going for them, and I like what I hear from this band.

Kristie Addison is the genius behind Transit of Venus and the Vox for the band, and well most of the music behind the EP itself. Transit of Venus has this brilliant rock and electro- rock feel to it, and it is actually mesmerizing, as I find myself listening to Secret for the 10th time tonight. Bitter Sweet Love the bands first EP consists of 5 highly enjoyable songs that you can’t help but listen to over and over again. Title track Bitter Sweet Love has that fast action packed feel to and helps accent the rest of the EP and prepare you for the sound that you are about to experience. Another honorable mention on this EP is the first Transit of Venus single Meatmarket, the piano start will throw you off and make you think of the White Stripes, but trust me, it is a lot better then that of the Jack and Meg White. Also make sure you check out the video for Meatmarket on the Transit of Venus Myspace page, its intriguing and fun
to watch.

If this band sounds up your alley then head to and check out when their next gig is and head down and check them out, their live performance with full band is something else and you will be a fool to miss it. - Satellite Magazine 09-09


Bitter Sweet Love EP (2009)



Transit of Venus are a brand new female fronted indie pop-rock band from Auckland, NZ. They exploded onto the scene in 2009 instantly earning a reputation for exciting live shows. Their debut EP "Bitter Sweet Love" has been very well received along with killer video for first single "Meatmarket".

Transit of Venus began as the recording project of Kristie Addison. Kristie spent the last few years as the front-woman and songwriter for Amperzahn while writing for Transit of Venus as a secret-side-project and adventure in home recording. In 2008 Kristie shifted her focus to Transit of Venus and began recording an album worth of material. Tired of working alone, she called on an eclectic range of musician friends to get involved, including Tory Staples (Jonny Love, Chris Reed, ex Battle Circus), Mike Johns (ex Revolution Brother), Robin Liu ad Chris Chunk (Infinite Flying Kick), Dave Edtmaier (Miscreant), Harry Champion (The Exiles, Josh Lees) and James Dudley (Plum Green band). The Bitter Sweet Love EP release is a collection of songs from these sessions. It was recorded in Kristie's bedroom and The Manor Studios, with additional tracking at Miscreant Recordings where it was mixed and mastered. 2009 saw the formation of a fantastic live band and a deal with Black Doris Music.