Transit Vibes

Transit Vibes

 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

We are a group that thrives on a love for people and a passion to share the hope and the power of change that music brings.


Born on an overcast day with sequencers, keyboards and guitars strewn across a dimly lit room, Transit Vibes started as a vision of hope.
A dream of seeing movement and change in music listeners nationwide.
There is a poetic simplicity to the music that beats in all of us.
It is the heartbeat of a city that is yearning to grow. From the person who is working every day to support their family, to the homeless trying to make it through the night.
Transit Vibes thrives on a passion for people and has a fearless dedication to transcend the traditional molds that have been presented to the listener. Music is more than an ideal; it is the common motion of everyday life in everyone.

Transit Vibes consists of Judah Howe, and Various players from worldwide who join in from time to time. The dream of Transit Vibes began with Judah. As the founding member of the group he performs key functions including lead guitar, keyboards and programming, lead vocals and songwriting. All musicians work together with Judah in a collaborative environment to make the best music they possibly can. The end result is a fusion of ideas and a wall of sound that is both familiar but surprisingly unique. The Vibes have played numerous shows in their home city of Colorado Springs and the Denver metro area and have received rave reviews, Playing with the likes of Awolnation, Middle Class Rut, Animal Kingdom and Everlast to name a few. The Vibes have also had their music featured on the documentary "Sex and Money, A Global Search for Human Worth". National recognition is steadily building and a wider range of performance opportunities and exposure are on the horizon for this ensemble of dedicated musicians.


New Beginnings

Written By: Judah howe

I have a chosen place of time, in mind, ingrained to the bone, my soul has been trained /My hearts adrift in a maze/
I drank water that left me dry as I passed the well of the city/ I left my dream, but kept my things/There is moments I fight/ like
Atonement I can't buy/ I don't know where to go from here// We’re on a journey/ all learning/ If our innocence is lost, Love will redefine/
Like Romanov’s days irrevocably paved, the ties made to live in sin/ to reap holiness/There is mistakes we fight like history, we let define/
But where do we go now to see clear?/ We’re on a journey/ all learning/ If our innocence is lost, Love will redefine/ When do we leave the loss?/
Love will redefine


Written By: Judah Howe

Julie met a boy named Sam and he spoke over her all the things her heart had been searching for/But mom and dad didn’t
Take too well to the passions of teenage love/Six months later she cried for life but surgical steel wields so much might
/What do we do? Where do we go? We don't know!!///I remember when you were young you thought you'd rule the world/ with your smiles
Your eloquent words, you'd change the mistakes your mother had sewn/you would ignite the fuse of a heart so torn
And turn it to gold/We could sit and we talk about time as if we were a thousand years old/Dreams, plans, theories and hopes were
At our front door/but times change and people depart from who they were/We cry for LIFE then we cut it out with pills that
Don’t leave a mark/of a KNIFE! // We are/the signs of the times/We are/ the children of fight/You will reclaim/ what’s been
Taken away in this life, in this life//We are/the signs of the times/We are/ the children of fight/We will reclaim/ what’s been taken away/in this life,
Julie’s life/All we have left is/the artwork / of broken hands/ A remembrance of what
Was lost /Julie will never be the same/ Julie will never be the same

Suns Decay

Written By: Judah Howe

In the suns decay help me hold the things that I cant replace/ cause in the distance
I can see that place/ There’s an hourglass hung over all our names/and in the mirror I can see your face// In the suns decay Your all I see/ when it
Captures me indefinitely /When it seems that all is left is my mortality/ You are all I see/// In the suns decay help mend the
Wounds I've hidden away/ Heal what’s been sewn like it never was made/ There’s an hourglass hung over all our names/and in the mirror
I can see your face/// In the suns decay Your all I see/ when it
Captures me indefinitely/ When it seems that all is left is my mortality/ You are all I see/ You are all that
Matters to me/Oh I can see the sun/ It’s rising up/ Your all I see

Black Helicopter

Written By: Judah howe

Working 9 to 5 to 9 to 5, pushing pens, makin dimes. Puttin money on the table for mine
/Every time I sit outside/ helicopters buzzin by/ make me wanna fly so high/ Always tryin to steal my dreams/ hovering over me
Shining big beams that burn my eyes / don’t you feel the derail/ I sure do// But you won’t allow/ my heart to back
Down/from what my eyes see// Old habits die hard/ Always tryin to find signs from you/ in a song, in a picture wherever
You go I go to/ I remember waking up by your side/ except the room was not a room it was a train and the lights from outside
Flickered and danced in florescent stream lines/ as I yelled "Nobody’s driving this thing, what the hell is going on?"/
Don’t you feel the derail? I sure do/// But you won’t allow, my heart to back down, from what my eyes see/ cause we all have
Dreams, that are burned and etched so deep/ Life is a train moving at supersonic speed/ Yeah it does but I/// wont derail/
I will never derail/ I remember waking up by your side/ I never will derail


Quantum States
1.Interlude to Dreams
3.New Beginnings
4.Lights Flickered Outside
5.Black Helicopter
6.Suns Decay
7.Children of a Fight
9.Teach me to Love

Set List

New Beginnings
No time for a well wisher
Children of a fight
Teach me to Love