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"Checking out Translate The Name"

Reviewed by Cristal from

Coming from Redondo Beach, CA, an Alternative/Rock/Post Punk band called Translate The Name is debuting their very first demo CD. Adrian, their guitarist approached me online not too long ago informing me of their upcoming shows. Although I was not able to make their show, I've heard very good feed back from people there of this band's performance; and also you can tell by their demo that they wouldn't be a let down when performing live.

On Translate The Name's debut demo, there are only 4 of their 6 songs, yet you can find 5 on their webpage and are able to download them for free (always a good thing!). Their first song is called, "Call To Arms". You can tell right away in the singer Scott's vocals that he's influenced by both AFI and The Used. The guitar parts played by Adrian and Drew, are great in this song especially in the solo and both guitarist find a way to mesh together to make an awesome result.

"Charade", the second song on Hanging On Halos debut CD, is probably the song that surprised me the most. Scott's vocal range can be heard on this song and it's seriously amazing on not only how high he can hit notes but also how long he can keep them (Eek!). Drummer Gregg, starts off the song with a drum beat that sounds like a thumping heart, keeping the attention of the listener until Drew's vocals comes in.

"My Sequel" is definitely a song that keeps the listener going from start to finish. Starting off with a bass line, the rest of the band joins along for a song that reminds me of the old Avenged Sevenfold, a good mix of singing and screaming.

Translate The Name's last song, "Choking On Air", is a song that can have anyone relate to in some way. This would have to be my personal favorite. This song is one of those songs where the crowd hold up their lighters as they sing along with the singer. "Choking On Air", will probably also be a single for Translate The Name and a crowd pleaser.

Overall I have to say Translate The Name's debut demo is well put together for being a band for about 4 months and recording these songs in only 3 days. Translate The Name is currently looking to be booked at local venues so keep a look out for this band on their website while you check out their music. -


Translate The Name EP (Self Titled)



Translate The Name came to life when guitarists Adrian Chitsaz and Drew Burns met at UCLA and discovered they both shared the same influences and love for all the hard rock that's been out since the 1970s. With the addition of drummer Gregg Allen, singer Scott Mulfall and bassist Alex Aiona, Translate The Name was formed to bring together the best of what every band member had to offer.

Drawing from influences such as Funeral For A Friend, Van Halen, Saosin, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Thrice, Queen, and Killswitch Engage, the guys wanted to bring the best out of all these bands and make it their own. What came to life were styles ranging from catchy punk guitar riffs with stylized solos to a harder sound with breakdowns and screams; giving the music listener a new type of sound that represents the best of 70s, 80s, 90s and today's rock.

When choosing a name, the band decided to let the music listener decide what kind of sound the band has. So the band members decided to choose Translate The Name, which lets people decide for themselves what the band means to them.